Diane Sawyer interviews Pamela Smart in a Bedford Hills prison: Jan. 18, 1995

Smart was charged with inciting her teenage lover to kill her husband.
16:07 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for Diane Sawyer interviews Pamela Smart in a Bedford Hills prison: Jan. 18, 1995
Time continue. Once again from New York today. There was only one person in the State of New York was sitting in prison tonight with a sentence of life with. Absolutely no possibility of parole one person. Her name is Pamela Smart and long before OJ Simpson her story held the fascination of the media and the nation. The question always was could she really have manipulated a young lover into killing her new husband. As you'll see we agreed to check out the evidence she says might prove her innocent. But we begin with a story of two newlyweds heading within months towards a murder. Greatest bar. These could well be the happy memories of any young American couple. 1989. The group of sunny hardworking young insurance agent 23 year old Gregg Smart. The bride smiling 22 year old Pam mode jets who would become the media director at a local high school. Yet less than two years after this photograph the bride would be the defendant. Charged with inciting a teenage lover to kill her husband. The lover Phil Flynn a shy kid from a broken family who was taking part in Smart self esteem project for teenagers. He said it was after school one day that she made the first moo Hyun. Flynn told how they went to her condominium and reenacted the notorious ice cube scenes from the movie nine and a half weeks. Over time the prosecution said Smart controlled Flynn so completely. She could ask for murder. Yeah. Back in court Flynn and his friends turned on Smart including two of the three local troublemakers who helped with the murder. They said Pam Smart planned it offered money in return and told them to make it look like a burglary. And another teenager Cecelia pierce also part of that self esteem project. Said she too heard Smart fraud Flynn about the murders. And then in an explosive moment the prosecutors revealed that a police request. Pierce had secretly taped her mentor. Pam Smart anxiously expressing fear it being talked. Or. Yeah. Smart acknowledged here that the affair would be revealed but said she had no motive for murder. Prosecutor Paul now gee Toto pointed to her husband's a 140000. Dollar life insurance and said it would mean. He'd be the poor sympathetic without and then she could carry out her fair on the side and her mind. It was worth. It's certainly a pathological side to her and means he basically. Orchestrated diabolical crime. Four years later we define Pamela Smart here at Bedford hills a maximum security prison outside New York City. She was small quiet wary. This former honor student who graduated college in three years and it wanted to be a TV reporter. You're going to be a. Journalist yes there should be asking me as bad as my aspiration was to be a journalist. And can be in the media that this wasn't. Blank can't that I had from this this pact being an obscene. It was the first interview since her arrest. Did you plan the murder of your husband you know making him. Did you know what was going to happen. And dinner. Did you want him hurt you by happened. Two grandkids. Is the most harm a thing on every continent like. And ice and still hunting. Every game buying them recent white must have happened to him and sign. House before he was count. She told us it was after she learned to Greg it's been tonight with someone else that on the rebound she turned to bill Flynn. But he was fifteen. Years yet while he was sixteen they yes he was very you know. And I was tiny Tim. At the time. And I hadn't heard from a friend of his thankful that he had a crash. But police say this was no reluctant to encounter the cheek even Bracey photographs and their favorite song was Van Halen hot for teacher. And the movie they were re enacting upstairs in Pam smart's bedroom knowing that a teenage girl Cecelia pierce could and did walk again. She says she walked. Then motion might have but when I'm saying is that she wasn't invited me as for Flynn. I didn't really consider got to be kidding. I guess age wise he must he runs. But at the time I just felt that he was more mature. And maybe in my own way out styling chair at the time. So he rests probably a little more mature. Bildt flew and then Phil Flynn today that's ridiculous. He is serving 28 years to life and Thomas to Maine. As far as how mature she was. I don't know what to say about that she's true intelligent. And she was your first romance. With him. Parents work was my whole effect. Yeah I need him Smart and she's beautiful intelligent. Notion adult. And then. She likes me. You know. That was my whole world. Now and then she came in she says it. We have two. Kill Greinke. You know from the get go I know I think she's very serious about it personally. But. And when it comes. We'll talk about this is history. Four years ago Flynn and his friend Patrick Randall in their confession tapes gave details. I have opened don't let it air. For the nine months. It was a night of may first just a few days before Gregg smart's first wedding anniversary his wife was at a school board meeting. The boys drove to the Smart condominium and slipped inside the basement door which they say Pam Smart had unlocked for them. When Gregg Smart came home they ambushed him. Passive an honest and Sony computer and honestly this. In court Flynn said he prayed for forgiveness as Gregg Smart pleaded for mercy. Does it mean. But pulled the trigger. Smart speculates that. Flynn may have murdered her husband because she told Flinn she was going to end their affair. And how long was this before. To murder and not along. At less than a week before his murder why do you think. You're convicted. Why do you think you're here. I'm believe I was convicted. On a moral issue. And in my relationship. With they're offering selling kicking sensed people. That. It started the whole flow who negative. In the genes of me. She would never ever and if she's guilty of playing at right now she is type of person who would rather die. They have to tell these people you know that she is generated publicity was interesting issue in line at any moment and all of this. Have you ever wavered. And he ever had a doubt if you ever. Wondered. Pam smart's parents John and Linda were widgets. Sure. And I'm satisfied. That Carano don't. Madonna's not part of that never was. Saying here. Rebecca the present. And they're not alone they and thousands of supporters are looking for new evidence they even have a newsletter. I don't bake anybody. They can help country. Corinth and funny. Clean. Come true sign him. And in our first interview smartly out item by item thing she hoped we would review. For instance the boys who testified against her she and her parents say in fact they were drugged using delinquent. Who only turned on her to shorten there sentences. And she said there was one who didn't testify Raymond Fowler who was in the getaway car and who would have supported her story. Ask the tapes she said they were doctors and that she was on prozac and not herself. And Cecelia pierce. I would just ask her. She could just please tell the truth. I really went. And she said the jurors should have been sequestered. Because the media was so prejudiced against her. And the judge was so seduced by fame he even announced he would add Clint Eastwood to play him in the movie. So we spent several months tracking down the judge the jurors following up rumors about bill Flinn and the others. Asking questions checking out leads and then a week and a half ago we returned to Bedford hills for a second interview with Pamela Smart. To show her some of what we found starting with that judge Douglas gray the one who wanted Clint Eastwood to play him in the movie. Should he have said that. Changes have been. In retrospect wish I had. And that's that's that option you know what wish I hadn't said it. I've heard enough so that we shouldn't say that. But green insisted it was just a joke and the press was not so intrusive in this case that he should have kept the jury sequestered. I have an abiding faith that when I ask the bureau not to discuss it at home with a spouse. Not to read about it not to listen to it on television and radio I have an abiding faith that they will follow those instructions I've never never been proven wrong. The New Hampshire Supreme Court upheld all his decisions. Next we told Smart we took copies of the tapes she says were doctored to an audio expert. He told us there were irregularities but they could be from bad equipment no sign of deliberate doctoring or a Rangers. And Cecilia appears did she have second thoughts. I just told a chosen Cecilia pierce today with the baby she asked that we not show her face. Knowing that the right thing and end. And about the charge that Flynn and his friends were just hard core hoodlums even using drugs that day again this is gorgeous. These people were known drug they were high on cocaine hand we were told by other people had been using acid that gave no. Pasted to swings. Or just there's a purely. Emotional thing for me. And so should never happen I wish I could blame on drugs. Our and finally the fourth boy Raymond Fowler the one in the getaway cars the one Smart was convinced would support her. Fowler in prison in New Hampshire told us he too had heard her talk about murder. That's depressed parent them so we sit every participant we talk to still says she wanted him killed. Connects thousands and thousands of people who write to me and we think every day. Telling me that they watch the trial didn't. They don't believe it. And not only that prime time contacted ten of the twelve jurors the ones who would speak with us told us it was a fair trial including Alec Beckett who agreed to be on camera. He previewed the documents that had not been admitted for the trial. And says he sticks by his verdict so even then it was not done lightly. And it made me elsewhere cry. It was. I don't know if I was reading an intra but I I I felt she was praying I really. Cultures pleading let us. And look at them in nineteen will be looking at me itself. And like I really know in my heart that I just felt that it was Kim can. And Harrington found guilty not guilty as charge Catholic. As the verdict was announced Gregg smart's parents cheered out loud today his father reflects on the son he lost. He. Was one of the happy as young man I had ever met. No he's my son but he was always happy. I didn't think she doesn't. Un. A part of me. We want to say. To do me. She's. Between us and this used. Mostly because you know her off balance off. Tilt. Some mental issues. That are off balance. This portrait of you as. Extremely. Smart. And psychotic. Then ten. It strikes me as humorous because I don't see myself at an off. I don't think that the people who really know me give me. Bill friend. We ask him if there were one question he could ask him. And here's what extent. Content ask me. What it what do you think it. Did you really left me. She could asked her one question. But wouldn't say what a nationally Evelyn. And then in you know. In hindsight that may not seem like they've been doing most people but. Knowing that she didn't do this. I didn't go through it. She never loved me. We're probably kill me. Yes I did and I think I've been enough. They think you'll ever see bill Fleming him. I hope I see me again how pristine court. And you try. A note about Pam Smart sentence life without any possibility of parole a number of people we spoke with from jurors to observers said they didn't think it was fair that her sentence was more severe than the boys. By the way Pamela Smart told us she is teaching fellow inmates in prison and by all accounts. She's doing a very good job.

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