Disneyland Dry-Ice Blast Investigated

Small explosion forces brief evacuation of Mickey's Toontown in California.
1:00 | 05/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Disneyland Dry-Ice Blast Investigated
Investigators collect evidence inside the toon town area of Disneyland this area known for entertaining young children was suddenly -- -- -- waited. After what sounded like an explosion coming from inside this green trash can. A water bottle and some dry -- inside -- close of the bottle at some point the bottle fails and that's what causes that -- it sounded like. -- -- -- -- -- That more full. It's sort of that doom and always loud enough -- thought it sounded very out of place and an area that's very young children and and very cheery. It's not a sound that you expect to hear. The good news it appears no one was hurt and no property damage the park itself remains open the entire time and visitors were eventually went back in -- -- down. Investigators say it's still not clear who left the dry ice or wine. Not knowing the extent of what was used and not having the full evidence in front of me I don't know but the extent of the charters would be but he could include. Find. Bill for the response. Up to including jail time.

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{"id":19280351,"title":"Disneyland Dry-Ice Blast Investigated","duration":"1:00","description":"Small explosion forces brief evacuation of Mickey's Toontown in California.","url":"/US/video/disneyland-dry-ice-blast-investigated-19280351","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}