Doctors Baffled By Surviving Teen's Skydiving Fall

Father of Mackenzie Wethington gives insight into what led to his daughter's accident.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Doctors Baffled By Surviving Teen's Skydiving Fall
Have you been skydiving I have not -- I have five but I've heard it can be -- huge rush and the temptation to do it. -- can just ones can be powerful for a lot of -- -- young Texas girl felt that way and when she turned sixteen her dad agreed to let her jump but as they say. Something went wrong and this morning she is very lucky to be alive here's ABC's Molly hunter. Sweet sixteen turned nightmare for MacKenzie -- -- -- -- -- less regular old me and my -- pinnacle young people very they helical he got at me. -- -- That -- -- went tragically wrong. And don't -- heard out here have negative more -- -- This skydiving company says candies parachute did open completely and she did not just in the second -- Her father told reporters the trouble started immediately. She was struck in this way. An issue into a spiral of 3500 foot -- and her father who jumped -- -- the plane first washing the entire thing from the ground. MacKenzie Weddington is now hospitalized out of a coma with broken vertebrae and a shattered pelvis. Her injuries according to doctors consistently being struck by a car going sixty miles an hour but if she truly fell 3000 feet. I have no idea how she survived the US parachute association does the last sixteen account that John. Provided they have parental consent. Joseph Weddington says he expected at hand and -- an experienced skydiver but the company only offered -- jobs but all that she's going to read out. She has issued a volunteer. This skydiving company says the -- may not have followed the training that she got but it investigation should tell us exactly what happened when she jogged out of that plane. Molly -- ABC news New York. Not shocking go without doing that tandem jump but her sister -- FaceBook page. To monitor her recovery so that's only can -- her recovery right now and the investigation ongoing from.

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{"id":22280819,"title":"Doctors Baffled By Surviving Teen's Skydiving Fall","duration":"3:00","description":"Father of Mackenzie Wethington gives insight into what led to his daughter's accident.","url":"/US/video/doctors-baffled-surviving-teens-skydiving-fall-22280819","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}