Dog Best Friends Survive Blizzard Side-by-Side

The pair, nicknamed Faithful and Braveheart, are now up for adoption after being rescued from a New Jersey park.
1:45 | 02/05/16

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Transcript for Dog Best Friends Survive Blizzard Side-by-Side
I'm a set of good animal rescue story in these guys being cared for at liberty humane society are adorable. We believe the boys are Brothers they look alike they certainly active and they're absolutely bonded. They're calling them faithful. And great heart set a course of several days people reported seeing the dogs running freeing out here at liberty state park they say. You could tell that they were together and you could tell they did not want to be captured and that close some problems for the animal control officers who came out here to try to rescue them. They've been eluding them. For over a day in the park. And unfortunately the ducks felt threatened by some of the actions and lunged at one of the park officers do to protect himself from one animal control officers actually shot the dog that was Braveheart. The dogs ran again on the lamb just one more day animal control set a track that was actually the morning of the blizzard that they were able to get both dogs went into the trap together. You see his neck the bullet thank goodness missed brave knights vital organs when Braveheart went to the veterinarian for surgery and care. That left faithful here in the shelter and he cried almost the entire time his brother is gone. Down. Gold we'll play. They were already trained yeah. And ready for good owners definitely songs can be active take them out of. Simulate them. Mentally and physically they're gonna need it. Okay this story made headlines but many more shelter dogs need homes and now 'til February 14 liberty humane is waiving adoption fees on all their adult animals. What a way to have a beloved by Valentine's. Day this rumor in Jersey City touting its channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":36736638,"title":"Dog Best Friends Survive Blizzard Side-by-Side","duration":"1:45","description":"The pair, nicknamed Faithful and Braveheart, are now up for adoption after being rescued from a New Jersey park.","url":"/US/video/dog-best-friends-survive-blizzard-side-side-36736638","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}