Don't Know Much About Martin Luther King Jr.

All you didn't know about Michael King (including his real name).
2:53 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for Don't Know Much About Martin Luther King Jr.
Happy Michael king day that's right. Martin Luther King Day is named for a man who was born neither Martin nor Luther. I'm Kenneth C Davis. And that might not be the only thing you don't know much about Martin Luther King. He was born Michael King in Atlanta on January 15 1929. His father a Baptist minister was also Michael. And for years the younger king was known as little -- But the elder king changed his own name to Marten Luther king in honor of the Protestant reformer renaming his son as well. The rest as they say is his MLK junior came to national prominence in 1955. -- As the face of the Montgomery bus boycott. -- the arrest of Rosa Parks. The boycott lasted 385. Days until Courtney segregated buses and we -- King's house was blown away. His nonviolent approach became his signature. King believed that organized nonviolent protest would attract media attention. The plight of American blacks but the nonviolence was frequently answered with by. For my -- more often from local authorities who used dogs and water -- -- on the peaceful protesters. -- would be arrested a full 29 times. August 1963. Saw king leading the march on Washington for jobs and freedom the largest protest. DC ever saw to that game. And it was there that he delivered one -- the most famous speeches in history. I have a three. I pulled him -- Brandon. One -- and have had a name them -- they might not be guided by the probably about him but private home in a bad parent. I want my. -- received the Nobel peace prize in 1964. Before his April 4 1968. Assassination in Memphis. King was preparing to lead another march on Washington. But this time is aimed not just -- racial injustice but poverty which no color in her. And the Vietnam War which king had increasingly. But in the end it would be that dream that Martin Luther king and best known for -- but maybe even he couldn't dream that one day. He would be honored with a monument on the Washington mall. And a national holiday. That this year falls on the same date a black man publicly sworn in. For the second time as president. Using doctor -- life. I'm Kenneth C Davis and you don't know much just that.

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{"id":18247786,"title":"Don't Know Much About Martin Luther King Jr.","duration":"2:53","description":"All you didn't know about Michael King (including his real name).","url":"/US/video/dont-know-much-about-martin-luther-king-jr-18247786","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}