Down Syndrome Girl Duct Taped at School

Indiana couple wants to know why their 8-year-old daughter's shoes were covered in tape.
1:30 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Down Syndrome Girl Duct Taped at School
And she was like. All I want to see this that's not what Nate -- he expected to hear when he went to get his -- old daughter off the bus this afternoon. I'm like -- come -- and she just kind of stood there kind of limping a little bit and I'm like what's the wrong issues like my feet hurt and I looked down and she had duct tape wrapped around. Both teams both angles both ankles. And she couldn't walk. Nate turned to the bus driver for answers to what she told him was even more disturbing. They had to tape on her feet so tight that he couldn't walk they had to push her out with the Walter. Onto the -- -- -- goes to Westlake elementary school -- Nate tells us that's exactly where they went to get answers. I think carrier -- -- -- -- the car. Took we went back to the school and told the principal was -- on the took thirty minutes to get the tape off. But even after that meeting to secrecy say they still don't know -- put the duct tape on their daughter I was what they would need to take a handy cap room for. They admit their daughter can be a handful of times throwing temper tantrums but say the school has always turn to -- in the past. Thank called me before because she won't get her shoes on won't stand up and walked to the bus and had -- And I've talked to work on the phone with the teacher and she's got up and she's got on the bus I don't know why today was any -- But it was different they say -- now they're worried about the effect on their daughter. It's not only just physical and Stuart Middle East tour because now she's gonna think that every time she does something wrong Republicans -- -- on the Victor.

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{"id":18419335,"title":"Down Syndrome Girl Duct Taped at School","duration":"1:30","description":"Indiana couple wants to know why their 8-year-old daughter's shoes were covered in tape.","url":"/US/video/down-syndrome-girl-duct-taped-at-school-18419335","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}