Drake White Visits the Boys & Girls Club of Wichita, Kansas

The country singer played ping pong and helped with a science experiment on the third leg of his five-charity tour.
32:28 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for Drake White Visits the Boys & Girls Club of Wichita, Kansas
Everybody. It's still nerve back here. Join. Are on the third. Sega of great whites. Cross country tour and he's nonetheless performance we'll take. I'm vice. You know when. I did. Okay. Oh right here have a. Okay. I'm strange. I've been here. Committee rather it is going to be here here though that the supplied. Com. All right so. We cut the last like ten seconds if that tree right song. Hughes performing buts. We're still here at the Boys and Girls Club in Wichita Kansas. And he. Who equates into a quicker radio interview. In the meantime was city campus science experience here apparently. Trie who hoping elections. Let's see was going on. If anybody. A yeah. So we're. Great white Google's. Experiment so. This is one of the two demonstrations that we do you can access the and we're talking about pressure force and elasticity. So. He is survived we'll let him do that happened because they were let into the first part of the experiment. Bobby's apparent. Thank you guys and women and girls club is really was he got here we lost sight from start to find themselves on September 10. 2010. A lot of people stand became popular like him for us that he standard buttons and we incentivizes. We have something else all mind body urged. That's not a syllables who has had. So my body or the space that is where we actually applied stamps of the human condition after that four point oh after getting her degree where you could actually enhance. The state of humanity. There's nothing wrong with getting its back to get through interior size agrees. The so make sure that we aren't. You. Let's what stem. Science technology engineering and a mess they have something else to know that repeat it here. And student art. What's that white stuff there this is carbon dioxide. In case in Lockport guided films autographs. The stuff is extreme cold that's about negative 108 degrees Fahrenheit. It will not melt it actually skipped a state matter not your typical. Solid liquid gas plasma this goes directly from a solid to a gas because it is extremely cold. I. In my books it's why aren't they you know when it's university part of the experiment so just to show you how. Quickly the water vapor curse and win. When waters or imagery is the kind of smoky substance. And that is not small that is water vapor. I just flexible available as started clicking on that Waterford we see how an emblem is contemplating a little bit. So we let this seriously just looked probably inflate opt out there if he's Kaplan's model. This would be unfortunately upon it would put water here next month. It would be an extremely volatile bond extremely loud and actually exploded one here one he wins ago. And it was still light out awkwardly as he created a triple echo. And I ran into the building and I hear inspiring answer this scene and beliefs on when did in. Of them never to triple net and Nazis there aren't. Is the most while. Have staples with the club members with. With buoyancy. Now we competition we're actually he's Coke and Diet Coke and the object was to give the other cult to float. In between the top and the bottom service. Water. And not that that's the Topper the bottom forest in record time. Very very competitive every lap that we do in groups citizens and box. So the first group that finishes with the fastest route. We're the best group that the that the group that performs the best. There isn't advised that everybody gets something so you can make a science experiment a Kook. Yeah so if you get Coke and Diet Coke dropped an order that I hope he's going to flock and it's so clear. Coke will will applaud as well if let me explain something hit me actually by a mechanical gears a little bit error at the top of that tackle and they don't bill him always vote. So what's causing that Diet Coke float is that small miracle that's at the top of that okay. Well the only reason that cult actually does not hold regular Coke. The sugar is heavier and has yet paid enough to actually overcome that terrible things that I'll go hand. So Paul that are floating hopes mixture sprinkle. It might take part. That is fair. Remembers the boy disease yeah. I'm beside her earlier in the lonely folks left. You bloggers have you question anything just let's let's ask any signs questions at all. Anything that doesn't take any importantly Romo it's. Tried again. Virus. Oh and. It's. Winning when he goes up this little game it didn't eating habits like in a pod was well when they're hot hot. As this as the. The car likely to poverty and drink yeah Perez. 'cause 'cause if you add that ice in the pop in the name of the game in the else. Does it. Doesn't make it drink hot as well when it went against it. Actually and call. So I've seen you so these were it likely that dry ice cubes to intrigues you know them or let them water vapor. In yet actually makes Israel extremely cold. And I don't. Here hurts doing we want to swallow dry ice. Yet it won't get mindlessly these three people group. Why it was smoke your mouse with a water see that's actually more because in the energy. It goes fast moving moment that they actually makes me. Yes yeah. Here. All right here pay yeah its yeah. Experience adherence. Former and I don't. Used an excuse excellent thanks so much. So he gets to the cool part of the he's tomorrow will you please more perfect man. This this is actually defiance. So describe the so called actually convinced the bearer around this model and it actually makes us. Caroline Kennedy expressing its jet fly overhead and really run until they leave behind those record ice particles called contrail. Schwartz were convinced ice for a mr. blunt new as the owners. And just dumped a bottle water there. Austin and distributed last. Safety first. Nothing's gonna happen is just water. Got some big trouble. Later it still does not smoke this is no longer paper. Could you do know. Reportedly circus yeah. This is Smart water get it. A wrestler. Yet he. Pregnant spattered just a little bit here and driving home. This stuff is really really well this is so much time. Now back in the day you weren't here smoke machines they see this important. It became a little bit unsafe. Dry eyes can't burn you ski. Birds so yeah. This big love Hewitt and Star Trek. Parlance a Kook. Here think. Yeah. The senate hearing that you know something about it. Totally yeah. Right because you kick the ball that is quite an excellent work. Like they don't know how to sing after wearing. So let's grab people who. Yeah. It's you read. They were kicked. Guys are close our eyes are actually doing it bloom. Is rated court when kids in diameter. Is concerned it's it's almost an even bigger than you knew it. And. You can look into the. Here. Madras and. I knew it was going off. Here's well. And let them. The eyes start yeah. Yeah we have races yeah. So there's still some good drives and we kept separated. Wilderness. Yeah. They'll want better. Yeah home. It was he didn't want its. Reserves Jerry your slowly wore the I see water. I. The the. Yeah. Workers are. Harrison. And why. Lame thing this film. Chris Coleman Chris Tillman Kilmer is good heavier make them yeah. I was in. Here's a start you roughly about 2000. And you you're think teachers and number. Giuliani. Engineer. Masters in electrical engineering the come on look sponsors. This interview here wonderful place or time and I thought he couldn't invent that you saw whiskers. Look at them this year. It's. I'm incredibly. And no matter. It's. I'm. And it. Switching camera. He was frozen paint. You you're in charge and hi I'm Chris Hellman. Strain. This is I'm ABC news. Where light streaming that's spent its. Lord date so. One X news asking yourself on the which is here. My name is Justin. Tonight you've got to realize we're often him. Just I am. It's not my job here. This new program and activities that we think. Non financial. Fine him. Residents pay you are you drink fast. I like you know what I am of the country and it being that we have the same last name you know today. Yes. We'll yeah Holland and in here I have been with this organization receives. And with a view to. Again. That was a beautiful place in the 1990s. You know we're gonna seep through for the rest of time here wealthy kids take part in street. A free program schedules and so we'll have them. Technology. Reading program Pleasanton. I'm announcing that mark days. Eckerd I heard the kid's gonna make it tunnel a tunnel for trade on the design and just on the plan. My kids are predictable. Yeah. OK well yeah I was poignantly human tunnel like with a hand though it's certainly good candidate in an accident is like underground tunnel. And that thing on the science and math here yet says. Take. All right we'll against these claims and here's so it's a camera I think you there no problem than true that is. Aaron this was a spectre we're. Yeah. Because it's. Here the which has cans. You big thing Foner. I haven't played in awhile he's flail. Back in good. Okay. I I got me that the. One another now you don't take over. Are you keeping score. I got fresh here John Stockton. They got a watch. Yeah. Yeah next. Whose music. He's going tabled out there. You guys get back doing they. You Baghdad we're. We look at this. Okay you. We don't. Blue. Hey you you volunteer parent time. On hand. And that includes any. Act and here at sixth and seventh grade. It eat so and so I interviewed you're doing here. You're attracted him hampers. OK so you're hearing like grad school kind of I'm not sure yet okay it'll what attracts you to this particular place. Only I actually started this past summer just as a volunteer and it turned into a job opportunity. And it turned into my. A little thing you. A site asking your name's Vanessa Vanessa. And Chris Helmer working with ABC news he relies streaming news. Say means anything you want to tell me about. You were here and I like what's. Let me see you in yeah cheers and it's also at practice on site working with teens. Greatly. It's been a black. Yeah the science stuff is really cool yeah. He's fine. So visually you know it really kind of teaches you different lands. We'll pool thanks to each even easier thanks as anyone else I should meet here. You know all these. Are these kids have. Sleep eat. Thing you know see I really. And that can. Really would like to show the people who are watching this the actual. You're gonna go. Stevie was right. He's seen as a way. Cannot talk to you know they're in ways kids might use in talking just a couple minutes about it. There are mechanical. We're gonna Goss talked to one of the kids that's in the program here. Just watch set off some science experience. As Brazil. I have so I'm not many mistress Kilmer. And site which human behavior and its Asian thinks he needs you so. We're Boys and Girls Club which its stand this and I've seen the program here. Let's hear what he do you hear it right why you buddy like. It was innocent individual lots of opportunity. I'm science and technology. College tour de it is happening. So and you come here is subject today are part of first part of yeah it was deal. Across the back. CNN all right warehouse you've heard of them before. Guys release I shall on the radio last couple weeks ago. This in turn on C got a new home. But. He added that he kids seem to really react. If he has like three spots for the huge Bob I. So what's your favorite thing to do here. Yeah. Yeah. Susan like we need spending it's like talking to men. Activities. What we need talk to be easy it's enough of them it was disc they're angry yeah. A lot of activity with indecent things happen and you think it helps them in their outside life like. Lunar. Bill as it did anything to happen at home parents here yeah. It's greatness. Well thanks really appreciate it. Regarding. See what mr. Drake is a. But seeing you were administered period is up to nonetheless which. It very much doctor. The the organization here toward. Was heroes and any donations. These kids do and we are. And we are turning their kids. They're going to be a future leader. Innovation have a. I'm fine. The Chinese foreign yeah summer night. And in. Yeah slew. And micro little did that that if it's worth eating like does this site that you just mentioned. But what is what are already talking about little. Boys and girls clubs of America. It just having people that influenced me going I'm not sure that I will be. A couple of saying major focus on me just do your thing and I think that's what these clubs are doing and knows. So you can visit tripod dot com. Not now with every person this album here have a twisting here today. It was engrossed clover either great organizations that I'm going to say. So I really am. Passionate about these clubs and passion about this. We appreciate. Appreciate your time your donation businesses. To great. Club and how can people find that what's the site. Drake life. Thought oh slash. They can cut yesterday other case that just straight might not complicated cost. All right scenario with experiencing here. We're we're about at this pictures movies would be. Kids and give this talk with a cigarette to you like anything wrong so you that your read some read some books got its books. Yeah let's I don't. Do you signaling you know that underworld that. About how good actor we're back. I'm moving to the his signal. I. Sure enough. Insurance yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you. Yeah. I. Around. Days oh where. And the last part of this visit to the Wichita and girls club here in Kansas. Third city on the Thai. Tour Jake white is putting on to promote his album and also these charitable causes. Get a picture. Teams millions. The U wanna be. Granny. Jews really. Two of the song. We give thanks be directed to you. Like this. Well it nods. All right folks well we are running slightly behind so. Think we we didn't ping pong. We're not going to be seeing kids he read to by oblique but it's. Back on the road on the way to Denver we're going to be at the VA hospital. Where we're gonna see. Musicians on call it charity and that's goes and has like music performed by celebrity. Musicians. That's you may have heard and Blake is gonna do that Forrest probably about two and half hour or so join us back here soon these. The sign up from yen this is crystal earth. Of the Boys and Girls Club season.

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