Drivers go to extreme lengths as gas stations run out of fuel

Several states in the Southeast are low on gas after a cyberattack crippled a critical fuel pipeline.
3:18 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for Drivers go to extreme lengths as gas stations run out of fuel
That fuel pipeline stretching from New Jersey to Texas finally back in business after a massive cyber attack. Officials say LT days before fuel supplies return to normal as states across the country report gas shortages. Four states have declared states of emergency in North Carolina 70% of gas stations are without fuel Virginia South Carolina and Georgia aren't far behind. Transportation correspondent you Benitez has the latest. This morning the restart colonial pipeline announcing it has restarted operations. Five days after that Russian ruling tacked shut down the massive 5500. Mile pipeline. The company reportedly recovering its most important data to get back to work re starting at without paying that ransom. But the ordeal isn't over yet overnight people driving from station to station just looking for gas. Let me guess issues should be tracked hate this is my sixth everything he has that I. At a Gaza. In Richmond Virginia this man filling up water bottles with extra gas. Demand is at. Again. Incidental water motto. In Atlanta or drivers taking the out of service bags off the pump should try and squeeze out the last straw. Were. And in North Carolina tensions ha. A flight breaking out in line for the whole high gas buddy reporting at one point seven out of ten gas stations in North Carolina were out of gas Durham county employees told to stay home and more promote lead to preserve fuel pausing all nonessential travel. No another concern price gouging this Virginia station charging nearly seven dollars a gallon. Six gallons of gadgets Ford 35 dollars as absolutely ridiculous. And unity says joins us live from Atlanta now with more GO what's it like this morning. So Diane I gotta tell you it's calmed down a lot at this particular gas station. But still they are running low on fuel right now I see that they only have a regular unleaded here they do not have premium right now. And we also know that some gas stations here. Still do not have gas I'm looking out one across the street right now no gas at all it's been like that. For several days now but the good news is that experts believe release is on the way and perhaps this slowdown here may be that people are feeling a little more confident in that news. So Ngo how did take to get all these gas stations fully stocked again. So Diane experts tell us that it's gonna take a few days to really start getting this in a much better situation it's not going to be perfect over the next few days you are still don't have headaches as you go to try to find gas up what they say that by the end of the weekend. We should see things being a lot better right here. And here president Biden is expected to address this this morning what do you think we'll hear from him. So you know what just yesterday he signed an executive order and that is sort of to modernize the cyber security infrastructure. And we know that they are going to be. Making sure that they have a lot of information sharing between the government and private businesses. That is the goal so he's gonna expand on that somewhere around noon eastern today we'll have that right here. All right Geovany tests thanks for that.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Several states in the Southeast are low on gas after a cyberattack crippled a critical fuel pipeline.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77666391","title":"Drivers go to extreme lengths as gas stations run out of fuel","url":"/US/video/drivers-extreme-lengths-gas-stations-run-fuel-77666391"}