Dylann Roof's Emotional Bond Hearing; Shooting Victims' Families Share Powerful Statements

Dylann Roof, the accused gunman in the deadly church massacre in Charleston, SC, appeared in court for the first time Friday afternoon. Roof stood emotionless as family members of several victims delivered powerful statements about the shootings.
12:01 | 06/19/15

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Transcript for Dylann Roof's Emotional Bond Hearing; Shooting Victims' Families Share Powerful Statements
Put this at the shooting that took place. And who took. Outside woods. The demand to. But we've been met for the big festival that's something about who's inside from the outside. The fact that this shooting took place. Even the chips. In the Bible study whether she'll ask for the fast clip but made it says what we have them. Examine the underlying racial animus and shortly. This was not merely a mass shooting not merely a matter of gone bonus here's what the racial hate to admit he confronted us. President of the NAACP. Sharing his powerful message with the community of Charleston calling the actions of accused killer doing roof a racially charged hate crime. At this hour a live look inside the Charleston courtroom where we are awaiting appearance from Dillon broke. Read all things are. Brew. Today its June 19 2015. Charlton county bond court. I'm just days and LT mr. Charlton county this is the case of state verses. Dylan Ruth. -- is charged with nine counts of murder and one count of possessing a weapon and commission. Ron. 04 into the hearing public statements please. Charleston is a very strong community. We had a great hearts. Workers community. And we're reach out to everyone all victims. And we will touch them. We had a victim's. 90. But we also had a victims on the other side. They're victims on this young man's side of the fame. Nobody would ever room and into the world yes that they are in provinces. What that being said. We will move forward today it was this here. Mr. root was charged with nine counts of murder one count possessed chemical weapon during the commission wrong. Represented in the state business is the solicitor Scarlett Wilson and represented the defendant is mr. actually Pennington. Does the defendant. New there's been definitively commission fined up this hearing via video conferencing. That it yes discussed. Where this process we. Thank you very much. I have some questions and I'm and permission council. Mr. Ruth that your address Jim 428. Garner Sperry road and east over South Carolina is that it. You thank you so what is your a you're 21 years argue employed. You're unemployed at this time. Yes. You. Victim detective Burkhardt. Does the defendant have a criminal history. What is it please. Alia insurance where. Or we won't. We're. Thank you very much. The churches. This position this position is hinting at this time. And very much so noted. Solicitor Wilson do you have any statement to make before this court today in regards to these charges. Not at this time. Mr. Pennington do you have any statements to make this more in reports of these charges. Product mr. route. He understands proceedings. Understands that. Circuit Court case that bond and murder cases. There or work here day's news bond arrangement. We appreciate courtesy. Or all of us live. I. Mention. Before we go into the bond process I would like to ask any members. Or there's is there representative. Any of the family that would be which does that make a statement before this war. Before I post horror set them on. News Suzie Jackson or represented a family of Suzie Jackson. Sandra Singleton. Ms. Singleton. There are. Will you please stand. You have right as the the representative of the family to make a statement today it will always bomb would you like to use them. Thank you very much. Apple Lance. Would you like to make a statement in regards to this hearing concerning apple acts as a victim. If you look at come forward please. You are representing the family about the last is that correct. And you were men. There are. And listen and you can call today. How are. Well or. If it. It's. Thank you ma'am that are terrific for being. Representative of the man William Myron Thompson. Sir would you like to make a statement before this court. Please come forward. Your name sir. Mr. Dobson. He kept woman. Six. We'll let him pay phones. There and it. Best. You know. Look better than most. Price. Latency. Jane always what happened. Okay. Today. And it. Thank you sir. Taiwan Sanders. Your name and malicious. Thank you misunderstood me. The do. Wednesday night. Will open all week. And it kills. The most those vehicles. That I know do. And it's. And never be listening. Salons and lizards mice and along it was my. Although I don't you. As me. Yeah argue. Funny god have mercy on you. Thank you. Well represented him Daniel Simmons. Your name out. Thank you ms. Simmons for being here. Or stay in place. And Pia is back. At the end it. This is. Partners. 88. Hey yeah this is within them. So hate hall one. I just think the war. Fuller making sure that hate and thank him giving him. Sandia hurt. Representative of the family Cynthia her. Thank you very much and thank you for being here today is our. The reverend a Payne Middleton doctor. Evening news man. Thank you for being here. And it. And he ordered. There. Wouldn't be. I always tell. It's. It. That. It. We have no room for hate. Do do. Great god it was okay. And I also say god. Thank you man. Representative. Of the reverend. And senate her romantic thing that. Mr. Pennington is there anything else she was still work out of this. Wilson is there anything that you wish so court. And it isn't. Aren't familiar yet process that you have authority he would stand behind the murder charges is that what you are addressing minutes. We have the bomb went harmful. Regardless of what my views. It's just been. Only nine counts of murder you know I have the authority to step on only starts. Woman counts one count of possession and weapons or the commission. Crime I'm sitting here on young man one million dollars is there anything else the couple or this court today marks just days. There we stand included in this here that it. Video there there of the bond hearing. For accused murder dealing a roof. He will remain behind bars a judge unable to set. Bond for the nine murder charges that that young man faces Hilan rip showing no emotion. In the face of that tearful testimony from family members of the victims of the church massacre he has been on suicide watch he will remain behind bars. That is the very latest you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and storing the story for exclusive updates. On the go. I'm Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"duration":"12:01","description":"Dylann Roof, the accused gunman in the deadly church massacre in Charleston, SC, appeared in court for the first time Friday afternoon. Roof stood emotionless as family members of several victims delivered powerful statements about the shootings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31899153","title":"Dylann Roof's Emotional Bond Hearing; Shooting Victims' Families Share Powerful Statements","url":"/US/video/dylann-roofs-emotional-bond-hearing-shooting-victims-families-31899153"}