Man, 80, Chases Jewelry Store Robbers

Chuck Lire sprung into action after suspects smashed a glass case in his California store.
1:18 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for Man, 80, Chases Jewelry Store Robbers
Eight year old chuck glory was minding his store when one man smashed his jewelry case chuck ran into action to try and stop another raising his fists in the air. Sensing a fight the -- likely fifty years his junior ran away. Bloomington matter you just -- would belong to chuck says the men got away with fifteen to twenty watches worth around 40000 dollars but -- feels he saved many more were you worried at all that they might -- -- that they may have -- even think about it. -- first strained in the army when Harry Truman was president he fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars -- -- walk around with your antennas up. Master jeweler are are -- -- was working in the back of the store when the men came in he couldn't believe it -- -- ran after them crazy. Crazy. Sometimes we do things we act without thinking chuck has eight different security cameras set up here he hopes that you get a good look at those suspects. Suspect one is described as Hispanic man about 25 to thirty years old 510 to six feet tall weighing around 170 pounds suspect to. It's a twenty to 25 year old Hispanic man about 58 and weighing -- 150 pounds. Chuck hopes they're both soon caught for now he'll be increasing security but won't be retiring any time soon.

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{"id":18607078,"title":"Man, 80, Chases Jewelry Store Robbers","duration":"1:18","description":"Chuck Lire sprung into action after suspects smashed a glass case in his California store.","url":"/US/video/elderly-man-chases-jewelry-store-robbers-18607078","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}