New England braces for another winter weather wallop

ABC News Meteorologist Rob Marciano reports from Gloucester, Massachusetts.
2:19 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for New England braces for another winter weather wallop
Snow BJ no wind down here in Gloucester Massachusetts but really they've been. Again why buy. Okay. Eyes are okay. That's got to mean you exact time now. Just a start. And I go as long as I want. I'll get. Just another beautiful day here in new infant boy the past survivors days and again. Beat up with snowstorm after snowstorm we had what was a blizzard in Boston last week dump over a foot of snow in this area and other back to snow cave through this weekend and out now there's there was heavy wet snow last night but no winds have picked up and it's really got a call at times as blowing sideways. And it feels like needles across your face all were in Gloucester Massachusetts of you know other. The movie and distort the truth during the perfect storm. This is is an area that. Knows. Fishing and ocean shipping and certainly no storms like this. The tide now coming up these waves are getting loaded they're would you expect to see some coastal flooding but because the winds are going. This way. This water should be too much of an issue by the way. He's down your back in the wind technology and you go point. That's minister under this storm is still exploding. In intensity. Rapidly intensifying. And because of that we're looking for the win fields used shrank to an expandable baton. Damaging winds today that threatened that. Not just a year and up Germain where they've got a blizzard conditions but all the way down. New York City Philadelphia. Baltimore DC. I would warnings are posted there are so this is a huge huge very powerful system. And the snows begin to wind down another school day for kids here. In the Boston area nearly 600 schools are closed Hartford against the third relatives he'd schools closed. And every going deep into June finish up this school year properly. Did not complaining after at least at the moment that seems far off because. Right now winners make a pretty strong comeback it has been very mild January so. Lights when he fifteen. The mayor bosses and made they have any really gone through half but there are snow removal budget zeile. They got some money to play with Monica Abbott jas bugs around here they're ready they're certainly ready for a for spring time there's a threat for more snow coming acting as a few. Wednesday and Thursday of this week in the meantime windchill siren to teens and single digits have been miserable day with the snow at least will be winding down. Later on today. Rob Marciano ABC news Gloucester Massachusetts.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"ABC News Meteorologist Rob Marciano reports from Gloucester, Massachusetts. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45458542","title":"New England braces for another winter weather wallop","url":"/US/video/england-braces-winter-weather-wallop-45458542"}