Epic summer scorcher across US this weekend

Excessive heat warnings are in place from the Midwest to the Northeast.
2:48 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for Epic summer scorcher across US this weekend
When we begin with whether you know something is up in in this case it's a heat wave extreme heat. Expected to peak starting today do you hear me this is supposed to be the hottest weather in seven years in cities like Philly. And New York where mayor to blog Leo declared a state of emergency in fact. The weather was already so hot in New York yesterday's triathlon was canceled in Chicago is also on the list where we find. Our Stephanie Ramos on Stephanie good to see you. I'm tell me what it feels like right now. Well Kimberly right now it's about 95 degrees still pretty early in the day. Dangerous heat though is expected throughout the day today and throughout the weekend. And at so many people likely have outdoor activities Bledsoe officials are warning everyone. To be at -- extra careful. When they are outside now thunderstorms yesterday that hit the region yesterday. Really put the heat at day for quite a bit but today. The temperature is expected to soar into the triple digits the National Weather Service has issued. Several heat warnings and watches. Across a little I don't really millions of people across the country are really going to be dealing with dangerously high temperatures. And Stephanie have you talked to anyone there on their comments on how this heat is going to impact their lives over the weekend. I definitely exhibited a few people who have sad they are going to the late front to cool off kind of a natural cooling center others that say. They're going to heed the warnings and they're going to go to a Salvation Army or another facility. That is operating as a pulling center but officials here. They have been putting out warnings and things to keep in mind the route this heat wave this weekend take a look at some of their tips here. Officials say of course drink plenty of fluids drink plenty of water try to stay in the shade or indoors as much it's possible. And you do have to work outside like Gus like news crews take frequent breaks. And it was hardly an air conditioned space. Still don't forget to check on the elderly neighbors and and cedars it is in. And your pets as well take your pets indoors and of course never leave your children or pets. In an unattended vehicle at all the right here in Chicago. The Illinois told way. Has launched a 24. Hour weather patrol they are. Making sure that if anybody extended out there are due to empty fuel tanks flat tire certain. Batteries may need a boost if there on the side of the road. Those what acquittals are going to be out there to rescue them and make sure that they're okay so that's going to be taken place here in Chicago throughout the weekend millions of Americans. Dealing with this agency. Unbelievable got to stay cool Stephanie Ramos right here in Chicago thank you so mines.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Excessive heat warnings are in place from the Midwest to the Northeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64441211","title":"Epic summer scorcher across US this weekend","url":"/US/video/epic-summer-scorcher-us-weekend-64441211"}