After Epstein: Survivors in their own words

“There’s something about all of us together,” Maria Farmer told ABC News. “It gives us strength.”
3:46 | 02/27/20

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Transcript for After Epstein: Survivors in their own words
Are calling it the survivor project. This is about the survivors of Jeffrey Epstein. I wanted to honor the women there's something about all of us together it's a strange. These women are beautiful and strong. And resilient. I've been through a lot and you know I'm still finding myself in I think there's something freeing about just voicing that. And being okayed whit what you've been through. I have a seven year old son. In Cologne bleachers adding sports bar I just have a very regular normal life. And yeah I'm happy. It's been a really dark deep secret turns. Really long time. I'm just glad that I don't come to live was holding miss being in science and sending line. I mean really and I. Explain. I finally managed to the other side where. My life is as of midnight. There were moments when you get things would. Under the surface and I elegant needed to tell people about it but for the most part. I didn't talk about it. I was very anxious about coming Laurie. Recently just as a might work and being being a therapist and normally keeping my private life very private but I had. You know and it's I think in an opportunity to have some important conversations of people. You're never going to be able to see everything that needs to be sent and there's never going to be enough time or space no matter what to be able to put into words. The hell that I have gone through it. I've spend what feels like an entire life time having my voice silenced. And I'm just not gonna let that happen at any more if finding given the opportunity. To. Speak up and be heard and I'm going to take it gonna go after contracting. So some innocent. As a child he was the at all. He was specific acts hurt us. Now flying. Time. Every kid and and then comparing healthy and stable relationship. And it then imperil. His. Super amazing. I'm working out but church but I've been wanting to work after a very long time and done. Just surrounding myself with a family type atmosphere. I'm going to be a blank paper in mind I have felt like a blank sheet of paper for 2040. That's the one that it be me. That's how I feel. Film visible. So it's emotional for me. He Ken is as I'm drawing each woman I can end I'm kind of getting to know them. And care for them and and warrant here even more hurt for them so it makes it harder. But at the same time it it gives me a lot of strength her when I do paint. L these women here and ends. Buying and a I want people to an. Amendment to forget. Oh. And blue. Moon.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"“There’s something about all of us together,” Maria Farmer told ABC News. “It gives us strength.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69242732","title":"After Epstein: Survivors in their own words","url":"/US/video/epstein-survivors-words-69242732"}