Eric Holder Visits Ferguson, Missouri

Grand Jury investigation into shooting of Michael Brown by police officer may take up to 2 months.
7:42 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for Eric Holder Visits Ferguson, Missouri
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- attorney general Eric Holder greeting and having a quick chat with Missouri Highway Patrol captain Ron Johnson today. They met in a Ferguson diner holder has been Criss -- -- speaking to local citizens and community leaders. And discussing the case with FBI agents who've been on the ground for days there. Thanks for joining us I'm -- Connie in Washington holders visit comes after a comb -- night on Tuesday. And as a grand jury begins what could be a months long process of hearing evidence. And a sighting of officer Darren Wilson should be charged in the killing of eighteen year old Michael Brown. ABC's Martha Gonzales is in Ferguson with the latest developments Marcy. -- right but you're holding could be two months before that grand jury decide whether or not charges could be filed. But officials here are hopeful that the tension may now start to -- -- that's been the case is progressing. Attorney general Eric Holder Ian Ferguson today visiting with law enforcement last -- -- a little better hug. -- and meeting with federal agents investigating Michael Brown's death. Mere fact that he's here it means that there's more transparency. And we have an opportunity to -- -- justice. Pursuing justice with a grand jury starting to hear evidence in the case today. They will have absolutely everything that there is. Every piece of paper every photograph -- bit of physical evidence. And officer Darren Wilson shown in this video -- Option to testify about what led him to shoot the unarmed teen. A source close to Wilson told ABC news today that before the shooting Wilson struggled with brown and suffered a serious facial injury. His police union saying it's too soon for anyone to pass judgment. He has been vilified in the in the media invited politicians and we felt it was necessary that we had to come out. And and just ask for due process for journals. But protesters are not backing down on their -- Taking to the streets again last night calling for Wilson to be charged. And again. Flashing -- police. And 47 people were arrested -- officers say was far less chaotic than previous night's. Calling it a turning point. -- Marcy -- -- -- Ferguson reporting for us today and we of course have team coverage there on the ground at Ferguson let's -- ABC's Alex Torres now. Alex eight unit -- covering the protests there you've talked about there being a different feel in general today. Called Murphy ill. How much do you think that has to do with the attorney general's presence. What -- -- you know it's. Really difficult to tell at this point how much of the -- to do with the attorney general being in town. I can tell you that people for the most part people who were protesting and demonstrating were frustrated they wanted to feel like their voices being heard were being hurt. And the fact that the attorney general is here that is a sign that their voices are being -- and that attention is being paid to their demands and their needs to see this investigations of so I guess we could surmise that maybe that has something to do it -- but it's always difficult to tell. But what exactly cause things have calmed down today but I can tell you they are -- remarkably excuse me -- Today I'm -- an avenue that's the main street where things have been happening the last couple of days here. There is just a handful of protesters there by an hour ago a lot of Missouri state police troopers there. Com and clearly more cameras and crews right now at this hour than demonstrators that's a stark difference from what -- -- in the last couple of days. How long that will last -- always unclear. Most of these demonstrations seem to pick up during the overnight and nine dollars. But for now things are definite. -- -- And Alex Missouri Highway Patrol captain Ron Johnson has really emerged from the situation is one of the most trusted and effective police leaders we've seen there. He was asked why he thought holders visit was important so let's listen here -- -- -- -- -- They're -- show good people who Ferguson capable of they looked urination that their voices -- heard. -- the highest office in this land to listen to their boards. Here's Susan. So Alice -- -- -- we saw the two men greeting each other there do we know there's more coordination going on or did. Captain Johnson and the attorney general. Just have that -- reading -- -- -- Well we know the attorney general has been in touch with investigators here on the ground from day one he's been in touch with them he's also been in touch with -- the Missouri state patrol I captain Johnson and those officers who are spearheading the security efforts -- -- that Desmond communication between them the last couple of days. But today they met in person so I. Would understand and believe that you know this is the first time they see each other person but they've been communicating -- the last couple of days and I think Kevin Johnson there just said what so many people on the streets here are saying. Their voices need to be heard they want to feel like those in charge are listening to their concerns. And captain Johnson sort of voice that I think pretty accurately there. An ounce can you take it again -- the attorney general's. -- with his FBI agents who are conducting their own investigation. We -- the attorney general got here on the ground about four hours ago and he's been busy nonstop what he spent about. The first two hours at a community college in an auditorium where he met with community leaders. As we've been saying over and over this is an issue that everyone in this town and surrounding area has. Has been thinking about and he's worried concerned about and so there were a lot of people there who wanted to listen to the attorney general and who wanted to be heard. And so they they showed up there in the attorney -- but about two hours talking to them from there the attorney general was headed over to speak with -- several of the FBI agents who are in town investigating this case about forty of them. And it's a civil rights division of the department just as they've been in town they have a simultaneous investigation isn't. State prosecutors investigation and then this federal investigation and so he was meeting would not. Team and getting an update. On the investigation and he's expected to meet with other community leaders. Possibly even family members of Mike Brown out before he leaves him. The attorney general certainly hasn't packed schedule there you know there any plans for him today and take some time now hold a news conference in -- speech to the media. But you know the media has been following him his every step -- he has been here but at this point there are no official plans. To have a news conference but we have been getting information and asked what has been happening every -- Along the way but right now there are no official plans for a formal news conference. -- -- Alex Perez reporting for us. Ferguson Missouri thanks so much Alex. And you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring the story for exclusive updates while -- -- ago. For now I'm not -- -- on in Washington.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Grand Jury investigation into shooting of Michael Brown by police officer may take up to 2 months.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"25060093","title":"Eric Holder Visits Ferguson, Missouri","url":"/US/video/eric-holder-visits-ferguson-missouri-25060093"}