Etan Patz Suspect to Plead Not Guilty

Lawyer says Pedro Hernandez made a false confession to killing the boy and is fit to stand trial.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Transcript for Etan Patz Suspect to Plead Not Guilty
And charge a killing a -- paid to appearing in court today decades after the boy's disappearance helped trigger the missing children's movement Pedro Hernandez standing before a judge in lower Manhattan just a few hours ago. And Hernandez says he killed pace in 1979. While working at a -- day get ahead 44. At 448. West Broadway and -- -- just steps from the boys -- stock. I would decision -- miles live outside the -- courthouse. In lower Manhattan -- Good afternoon -- the attorney for Pedro Hernandez -- in court this morning that his client is fit to stand trial despite his twenty year history. And mental illness but he says perhaps that mental element -- what -- -- and possibly who are urgent by investigators that caused Hernandez you can festival Bryant. He did not commit. Governor from nineteen Pedro. A short and -- Pedro Hernandez walked into a Manhattan courtroom Thursday morning. The district attorney's office filing -- official notice with the court. Saturday and it has been indicted for second degree murder and first degree kidnapping in the 1979. Disappearance at -- time -- Following its 52 -- regret very in indictments. Didn't file in this. Is his wife Rosemary and daughter Becky sat huddled behind the defense table his wife at times wiping tears from her face during a brief three minute proceeding. They declined to comment afterwards -- -- -- spoke on their behalf. They support him 1000%. They don't believe -- moment. Anything about this so called confession this is not a case of not guilty by insanity. That refers to I did it but I did as a result of my mental disease a defense that is not the case here. Hernandez didn't have to enter a plea today his attorney Harvey Fishbein says his client falsely confessed to the murder. He plans to review the evidence against Jose Ramos. For decades Ramos had been considered the prime suspect that -- disappearance. That the case was reopened. The evidence think that. He's quite considerable against mr. Ramos should be evidence that's available to be considered in this case. Now Fishbein also says the only evidence the DA's office has against Hernandez is that -- -- that they. Don't have any physical evidence Hernandez will be formally arraigned on these charges in December. Reporting live in lower Manhattan -- miles channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":17728384,"title":"Etan Patz Suspect to Plead Not Guilty","duration":"3:00","description":"Lawyer says Pedro Hernandez made a false confession to killing the boy and is fit to stand trial.","url":"/US/video/etan-patzs-accused-killer-court-17728384","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}