Extreme Weather Continues Throughout US

Wildfires rage on in California, and flooding and snow hit the East.
9:50 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for Extreme Weather Continues Throughout US
This is a special room. Not enough water drought stricken Southern California. And -- raging while parts of San Diego feeding on the hot dry brush and torching homes. For yet another day. While there is too much water storms dropping more than rain on parts of the East Coast these flooded streets and Maryland today. And you see this look closely snow falling. In the Chicago area this morning what is going on. The extreme weather across the nation. When I'm -- -- in New York where we are waiting here for a huge rainstorm that would really. How about some firefighters in San Diego California those fires only 5% contained not a good situation there. An ABC seven -- standing by live in Escondido and San Diego County that -- a lot of work at those firefighters. Again it is super dry here windy again today hot -- lot of work ahead indeed there were 2600 firefighters. On the front lines yesterday. To of the nine fires that are burning in the county here had been -- -- good progress. But unfortunately not all the homes here like this one could be saved. Nine wildfires near San Diego still continuing to rage. -- chewed through thousands of acres in charge dozens of lives. It's just devastation it's irreplaceable Escondido resident Jack -- returning for the first time to his family home. That's the living room. And if you went straight past the chimney go to the kitchen and family. A complete loss but thankful no one was hurt the fires have already claimed at least one life. Caused at least forty million dollars in damage. Over the past three days the fires are triggered more than 145000. Evacuation notices across the region and I saw it coming up the -- -- mountain there. I was like oh my god we -- Three minutes to grab stepping get out that was. A race to get out now a pain -- wait to go home hundreds are still in shelters. Calmer winds and cooler temperatures today will help firefighters on the front lines but it's still a major battle. Marine pilots flying over Camp Pendleton. Are racing to contain a blaze that exploded overnight spreading from 600 to 8000 acres. Investigators still don't know what caused each of the fires but many suspect arson. It's just too much -- -- coincidence. Eight night fires within a few hours of each other during the day it is. Doesn't make sense to me. And meanwhile the victims are left to pick up the pieces here Dan this home has been burning all morning since we've been here. Back firefighters now just behind the camera here coming with hoses to spray some of these hot spots that's it's blowing all this smoke and ash had us. It is a difficult situation here not much left as you can see except the fireplace there and the chimney again. I you know obviously partners are trying to get -- hold those -- fires and ends trying to find the root cause of this but are they letting people back in though in to try to. Salvage something from that damage. Well in some areas they are Dan some areas they're not remember there -- nine fires nine or ten fire spread across the county here. Some are at various levels of containment than others. Where the fires have been contained as we said earlier two fires contained people are being let back in -- To assess the damage in some cases no damage -- at hundreds of homes have been saved here it's only really a couple dozen. In this case there is still fire line and evacuation -- here crews still committed to put out these hot spots right now. We do know that the neighbors on this plot our home they've been able to see the damage here in fact the gentleman behind this lot did just spoke to -- he said he refused to leave. -- some people are around we haven't seen the family here that lost so much. -- you're -- half million dollars a lot of property but good news no one was killed and. Yeah you -- you put out there about twenty million dollars in -- and damages so far and one life that was lost from these fires what about. That the condition is there because it's hot it's dry not ideal for any kind of firefighting out there but and the winds -- down a little bit. You know it's a lot better today out here I've got to tell we've been covering he's fired for three days now. And the winds have died down significantly today it's much cooler the high here in San Diego today. Is only expected to be about 84 degrees yesterday it was 97 degrees. The second hottest May Day in San Diego ever. On record yesterday. And so much cooler today the winds calmer today they expect to get a better handle on these fires in their talk in low seventies into the weekend. With a lot more humidity -- that's a good news here. Firefighter and a great break that they were certainly appreciate and certainly need as well this is relatively early for the fire season is it not. Yet as you know there's a lot of buzz around here. About the conditions of the past few days -- him very much like September and October. Not may September -- October being the peak of fire season when -- the hottest and driest. Usually they're talking about me -- -- as they call it right here may gray June gloom. Kind of bad in -- months when their -- fires this is very unusual here. Everybody -- a very ominous sign. Of what's ahead this summer many months ago. All right ABC's haven't are alive in Escondido. Devin thank you for that we certainly appreciate it. For more on extreme weather and what is next on every evacuated -- -- leaning. Andrew are out of sort of western heard -- talking a cooler temperatures there those hot Santa Ana winds dying down but it is still. Pretty hot out there. Oh absolutely especially the farther inland you had these cooling the significant cooling is going to be at the coastal communities we switched to more that onshore flow. It's going to be a welcome relief for many maybe not the beach goers but certainly the firefighters around San Diego. But -- interior sections we are saying very hot temperatures soaring into the ninety's even triple digits and -- overnight lows around Las Vegas. Not even looking to get out of the eighties a very warm. All day and all night that's so what we're really looking forward to. What in the coastal areas that's -- -- -- -- more onshore flow sole source is temptress come on down a little bit over the next couple of days but we do have to get -- one more day of heat and unfortunately. That's not helping with the -- San Diego County. Wild fires the firefighters still have to deal with daytime highs well into the ninety's the low relative humidity is creating plenty of fuel for those fires. One piece of maybe a little bit of good news is the winds have been generally on the light side as you mentioned the senate and a sort of dying off a little bit so the winds not overly gusty so that's a little bit of good news but. One thing to keep in mind fires always create their own -- so they can be spreading rather rapidly as well moving forward however -- answer to cool things off a little bit so hopefully that -- that gets an aid to those firefighters but I don't -- -- out of the woods yet moving forward. -- a concern for wildfires will grow off to the east. As we head into tomorrow around northern Arizona around Flagstaff I think we have a high fire -- because of the dry conditions and those winds are going to be. On the increase -- we had an early next week. In two New Mexico along -- 45 any minute the western Texas in nearly week timeframe. Obviously that's on the West Coast -- in Chicago in the windy city quite a different story right. Oh absolutely here's where it's almost like winter chill. Out there that's what -- -- this morning now this a weaker disturbance pushing across the midwest but it is getting us and travel in packs along the I eighty -- -- And -- be combined this disturbance of pocket of cooler air and -- combine that with the overnight low temperatures we actually did retread around the freezing point. And that's where we did see a few snowflakes out there especially right along the I eighty a quarter or westbound. At Chicago northwest suburbs a few snowflakes and we've ended CA slushy coating on the grassy services but it's not going to sticking around. As we -- -- politically in the daytime any of that -- over just melting right off and we're gonna keep it as a rainy day across the -- -- still some travel in -- you're likely. Unbelievable to see that the middle of may and snow there -- are battle hardened and not totally surprised by that. But other -- I was moving across to the east caused -- to where it's going to be hardest hit from this one. Well that's my biggest focus for the rest of today tonight and into tomorrow we've already seen a lot of flooding downpours really because of the slow moving nature. Of this storm system and plenty of moisture moisture feeding it we've RC a lot of flooding around the twin tiers and a central Pennsylvania and the mid Atlantic. Now this frontal battery is moving east -- -- right along I 95. It's where the biggest concern is this afternoon so a lot of heavy rain right around Philadelphia entering New York throughout the afternoon it's going to be -- All afternoon and into the evening hours that's going to continue to push up. Into New England the southern edge of this a frontal boundary starting to push up the eastern seaboard -- a little bit of good news here is the cleanup can begin around the Raleigh Durham area. From the strong thunderstorms earlier on. But still some heavy rain to push on through the outer banks now making its way out of Virginia Beach civil dry things out. Over the next couple of days -- -- -- cooler but overall comfortable. Biggest concern however continues as we move forward to through this evening across northeast along I 95 from New York up -- -- Boston. Into Saturday around Portland Maine area still some flooding possible -- well some gusty winds from the slow moving disturbance. That we'll get dry day behind that chance for a couple of showers those we had to round Saturday and Sunday. A busy weekend indeed Andrew Bagley any keep an eye on things and -- -- thank your time appreciate that. You can keep up with a story real time by downloading ABC news apps starring the story for exclusive updates on -- go. For now I'm Dan -- in New York.

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