Eyewitness describes scene of Vegas shooting

Concertgoer who witnessed shooting tells ABC News' Matt Gutman, "one man ended up dying in my arms."
2:51 | 10/02/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eyewitness describes scene of Vegas shooting
Now let's hear some of this down from. This vetting interviewed Mike. We were its debt concert there and Jason all dealers plan and and it's sound alikes of fireworks going off NN. I think there is like the first kind of volley and then also in the second volley my buddies like I just got hit you know and got hit three times and then people started diving for the ground and it's just continue to lose. It is pretty much chaotic. Lost people got hit much Steve Grogan. It took awhile to get him out we got to get him over the fence in hiding under the stage for a you know to be safe and finally we are moving to get treats us. And got about here we got more people about the truck but then we got turned around because there's an active shooter. So we can go down a street some we finally getting him what's right here on this this right across the street here. Got. Two of the guys in and basically the one guy ended up dying in my arms because yeah. He was bleeding and my buddy got in there we got three more people on ambulances and it but I just got messes my body is going to be OK so I mean. He's guy that hit three guys in the OK yeah. Crafts a small silver lining tonight right now on the back on you may be of the here. Ambulances and fire engines moving towards the scene this is still very much an active scene right now. Exceeded the police checkpoint behind meet people are congregating around here. Trying to figure out. What went on also they're being law. The strip that's where their hotels and. There is another fire rescue ambulance going towards the scene this is probably going to be happening through the night out. And what you heard from Mike is also how chaotic this scene was it took awhile to evacuate the wounded because that gunfire seemed to be going on for. A significant period of time certainly long enough to pin police down. And to make them fear that there may be multiple shooters also. They did the officers out here not all of them have eighty yards many of them just have. Semiautomatic pistols and you can't go up against someone who's armed with an automatic rifle or an assault rifle when you have. Officials so the police were really. It seems capable of moving in that quickly to take this person down but imagine the tactical teams did moving quickly enough we do have a confirmed right now. That eight shooter is down again we don't know how many shooters there were but we know at least one of the shooters. From tonight's attack appears to be down that according to the Las Vegas police department. Cell hopefully this event is over right now but clearly the cleanup in the investigation. Is going to last for many hours possibly days. Hopefully there aren't any more wounded who've been scattered about or taking other locations to try to seek shelter. And now need immediate. Medical assistance hopefully all of those people have been picked up. And evacuated to the hospital.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Concertgoer who witnessed shooting tells ABC News' Matt Gutman, \"one man ended up dying in my arms.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50224801","title":"Eyewitness describes scene of Vegas shooting","url":"/US/video/eyewitness-describes-chaotic-scene-las-vegas-shooting-50224801"}