Facebook CEO defends political advertisements in rare speech

Digital Trends editor-in-chief Jeremy Kaplan discusses Mark Zuckerberg's comments and how he appears to be trying to rehabilitate his image.
4:33 | 10/18/19

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Transcript for Facebook CEO defends political advertisements in rare speech
A rare and defiant appearance from base look CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Defending himself in this company after intense criticism over Facebook's decision. To allow all kinds of political ads and whether or not they're actually true so here's that the bird yesterday take a look. Banning political ads favors incumbents. And whoever the media chooses to cover. But practically even if we wanted to ban went glad it's not even clear where you draw the line. I don't think it's right for a private company to censor politicians or the news in a democracy. We can either continue to stand for free expression understanding its nastiness but believing the boat long journey towards greater progress requires confronting ideas that challenge us. Or we can decide that the cost is simply to grow. And I'm here today. Because I believe that we must continue to stand for free expression. All right so want to bring in Jeremy Kaplan editor in chief at digital trends. Jeremy you think that Mark Zuckerberg is on the right side of this issue why is that. I appreciate your words on that as well because this was a very powerful speech a very rare speech from Mark Zuckerberg but I do think he's saying all the right things here. To be honest we have to put aside are skeptical that it's easy to Wear that. When faced but is concerned because let's be honest history this company not so great that said what he had to say here was I think. The very important taking a very thorny complex issue about political speech and freedom of speech and house FaceBook regulates or doesn't regulate that information. I think he had all the right things to say here FaceBook shouldn't be the vessel that. Mediate some moderates what they did what politicians have to say that's really the role of journalists in America FaceBook is a platform for speech now. Whether it's a platform for freedom of speech whether all the freedom of expression that Mark Zuckerberg was touting these lofty idealistic terms what whether that's appropriate. I feel it might have been a little overboard in the B plus maybe an A minus one being generous grader. Yes so that thing and it's a little tricky because he's positioning himself as neutral led. He's reportedly. Been meeting with a lot of conservative journalist. Lately and they he talked about the speech yesterday on Fox News so what do you think about that. Yet he has to be with conservative journalists are a lot of concern from from both sides frankly about what. Is going up on the site whether FaceBook is moderating and to what extent FaceBook should. Zuckerberg the voice a full throated denial of any sort of things like that he said that's not really Facebook's role. And I get I agree with them to the extent that politicians lie you know politicians all lie. It's not Facebook's role should moderate debt he spoke already employs tens of thousands of people to watch for. Inappropriate comments to him bend things that we don't want to see in our fees and one not can they do that for political speech as well. It's really not appropriate but it's a very complex issue. And I appreciate it dead Zuckerberg was willing to go on a limb. And take a stand think this is what I believe and I really do get feeling that he actually believes that it was a very good speech. All right so it seems that he's also trying to rehabilitate his image he described the founding of FaceBook yesterday's I want you to listen to this he said. When I was in college our country had just gone to war and I wracked the mood on camp is. Was disbelief it felt like we were acting without hearing a lot of important perspectives those early years shaped my belief that giving. Everyone a voice empowers the power list and pushes society to be better over time. But Jeremy. We saw the movie. Zuckerberg hacked into sorority web site so people could raid which woman was hotter. I said before to take offers skeptical that I would say that that hat back on right now. We've all seen in the movies we all know an awful lot about what's been going on it at FaceBook burglars. And to be frank mark has never before mentioned them. The Iraq War or its influence on its founding of FaceBook or anything like that this really solid he came out of left field. So I do not buy any of that that's an edge I do think the speech overall was very good. And I think everyone makes those efforts to re able at these teaser image so. I I understand where he's coming from that. Hour right here are very understanding mister chairman Caplan increased defense yes. Thanks for joining us today.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Digital Trends editor-in-chief Jeremy Kaplan discusses Mark Zuckerberg's comments and how he appears to be trying to rehabilitate his image.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66374074","title":"Facebook CEO defends political advertisements in rare speech","url":"/US/video/facebook-ceo-defends-political-advertisements-rare-speech-66374074"}