Family Reunites With Lost Older Brother

Brother and sister find sibling their mother never told them they had.
3:00 | 09/14/13

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Has also known as the oldest in the -- That is until now. I haven't slept for -- probably the last four night neither has a brother to him to -- four siblings who just found out a few months ago. Their mother had a -- Mom died a few years ago I think she engineer from -- myself outside. Typical -- they don't know why she didn't tell that they know she would want to see the boy she gave up for adoption walk off that airport shuttle. -- No sorry all alive and -- beat together with a family who never knew he existed. Mark -- and yeah but today. That's -- I think I think we -- after a few months of emails and Skype chats and phone calls -- I don't. And oh yeah. And -- good news did only Brothers and sisters community -- in the -- yeah --

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{"id":20257826,"title":"Family Reunites With Lost Older Brother","duration":"3:00","description":"Brother and sister find sibling their mother never told them they had.","url":"/US/video/family-reunites-lost-older-brother-20257826","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}