Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 13

Meteorologist Mel is here with the weather report to help you set your fantasy lineup.
2:58 | 12/04/15

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Transcript for Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 13
I'm meteorologist Nelly here. Nearly thirteen fantasy forecast where I tell you the weather for the football games and how it might if that's your vanity line so let's start in Miami Florida where we have to be even paid off and at some ice stadium on Sunday at 1 o'clock wet weather is in the forecast lots of rain for Miami as we head into the weekend and also those gusty winds could reach over twenty miles per hour. Eligible teams here we're talking rookies into play us are beginning with so many injuries out there that's could be some late season pick ups that could help you read this week. The top and it's that I did Parker's first career start as wide receiver. He a great last week which really boost its confidence in eighty yards and a touchdown so now all signs are pointing in the direction for him to have another solid performance. I guess a lacking raven secondary. Playing him just be aware that rainy weekend I was talking it out. Could have an impact on how often it through the all too Iraqi and on the rate inside we have another repeat your glorious but Allen also scored eighty yards and a touchdown last week I think he is at and half stick. Pick up for this match up now it essentially. Zero passing game on the rate inside in wet weather forecast I think they're going to get a lot of opportunities to touch the box I shouldn't have any trouble reading it. Against a struggling dolphins deep that it's a further north we had to camp but. The top has been the box at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday at 1 o'clock rain not as much of an issue here but the winds still is gusts could again reach over twenty miles per hour. Now Jane expenses are hot streak at he's still gonna make some big plays. Another huge component with Iran the ball's going to be doc Marten. Kelly the week thirteen is and number three and is he running back and this isn't very appealing patch up for him lack in minutes a solid RB wanna speak against the falcons. But let's talk about the falcons back. The I think as was concussion last week's attack and called stepped in raking up. I'm written ten yards but we stands out if the plays he's always a must start but the Bucs had a solid ready that's so called it gets the starting job again. It could be wise to look elsewhere had to be other exciting country Oakland California where that she's Planar radar Sunday at 405. Now it doesn't rain too opting in California but when it that's it's always something. We gotta take note but the site that partly sunny with that chance of rain northeast win at seven miles per hour. I don't forget about it she's stellar defense Derek cars don't have to get the ball early opted. I think Mike Cooper could add another big game up asleep last week a threat setting catches for a 115 yards against this Tennessee Titans defense and that was in the rain to help. It's seven went back we'll between her Kendrick last you might return from injury this week and Spencer where they always rely heavily on the running game acting either rain or shine. But your act in Travis Kelsey had fantastic performances last week in the rain didn't stop and either. I think they could be at firm BP that's a generous open defense that's struggles with old white outs Ian tight at. You meet thirteen anti forecast and meteorologist Allen hope to see you right back here next week.

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{"id":35586820,"title":"Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 13 ","duration":"2:58","description":"Meteorologist Mel is here with the weather report to help you set your fantasy lineup. ","url":"/US/video/fantasy-football-forecast-week-13-35586820","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}