Farmers react to trade war heating up

Farmers feel the impact of Trump increasing of the U.S. tariffs on China.
3:20 | 08/06/19

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Transcript for Farmers react to trade war heating up
Wall Street had its worst showing of the year a jittery. Over this trade war with China today another round of tit for tat the Chinese. Have announced that they have halted US agricultural purchases and warned of additional tariffs. In response to president trumps threat caught in the middle of all of this. Is America's farmers. The US farm bureau in the past 24 hours has called this a body blow to their farmers warning that many. Families out there's simply can't take this any longer basically begging president trump. To do something about it and we are joined now by someone on the front lines. Of this agricultural war with China Jon Kiefer is a soybean farmer out in Illinois he has. Owned and operated the key for farms there for years farming soybeans oats. Another fine things honey and 500 acres John thinks so much for coming in you have been someone who has spoken about. The importance of taking a nine China tough line on China you've been very patient on that. How are you feeling now is this this fight has taken another turn. Well I'm not happy that we're losing even more of our exports to China. I think I would like many farmers thought that president trump might be able to look. Put some pressure on China and actually win this trade were but is becoming quite obvious now there's going to be long drawn out affair. What's your message to president trump back here at inside the beltway is he. Weighs whether or not to actually go forward with those new tariffs on September 1 you think that's a good idea. Well I didn't exactly support him when he started the tree where we're China but were into it so now I gotta root orbit when it but to eat you can throw us a bone here we. We have export markets with Canada and Mexico. We need to push to get the US MTA approved so that we can at least say what other exports re out. He has and completed a goal on negotiating with the Asian partners he turned on the TPT but. Well if he's thrown shying away which is roughly one point three billion consumers for eight products give us something else. He's right now we've got to us secretary Purdue he's really Karen a lot of work for the American farmer. Or your kid we billion dollars in you're getting billions of dollars and eighty says he has your back he'll give you another round of hard cash infusion Indians needed is that going to be enough. Well. Nobody knows until we got a dollar 65 for last year which you do quick math and edit to what soybeans workers what they. Used to be came out pretty good. They've announced a program this year that might be administered in three different payments. So for most farmers we plant in the spring put a lot of money how we get a reward much later. So we don't know how exactly does all gonna hurt us we have now the promise of more trade aid coming. And I think that's gonna help rural communities it's gonna help put banker cities. But farmers like me or give near their end of their lifespan on farming out. How long do we want to put up when we decide eventually throw in the towel retire. Like people looking at the stock market I don't wanna see my network shrink here in the final years at Mike her. And a well hang hang tight John Kiefer we appreciate your view from out there outside the beltway thank you for join us thanks for talking to us past few weeks have been. Feed Nestor perspective we appreciate that very much and good luck to you out there in the farm sir thank you. You're very welcome.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Farmers feel the impact of Trump increasing of the U.S. tariffs on China.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64813898","title":"Farmers react to trade war heating up ","url":"/US/video/farmers-react-trade-war-heating-64813898"}