Former FBI agent discusses Capitol siege investigation

Attorney general nominee Merrick Garland says he will establish an independent outside panel to investigate the Capitol siege.
6:53 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for Former FBI agent discusses Capitol siege investigation
FBI agent and ABC news contributor Gregg Jarrett joins me now for more on the siege on the capital and where things stand now Brad. Good morning you know we learned a lot over the past month and a half about what happened at the capitol but that enemy is still gave me goose bumps what stuck out to you. About don's account. So when you sign up BS former officer and local state federal whatever might be. You know that you could be placed in a deadly force situation. And typically it's it's serving a search warrant a car stop. And interaction on the street and it is deal with the Jim properly trained to deal with literally thousands of angry people that may potentially want to kill you. Stacy knew knowing you can't go back where you can't go forward you have to deal with it. The number of officers Diane that said they believe there were going to die and should just speak it speaks volumes. About what we put these officers through and if it might view. Completely unnecessary. Because. How unprepared. And a capitol police work again I don't think it was a capitol police's fault. I think it was a management about the capitol police could be that would lead me what happened on January 6 should never. Route happen that way so elaborate on that formula that because you hear him describing done in his interview. A little bit about that how prepared are on prepared the US capitol police were that day. So if you look at the intelligence. Was available to those of us out here are those of us he studied this stuff. I was very concerned long before January 6 that this could be potentially violent. And if they eat it they were all continents and I think this is accurate. A January 6. Was. If they couldn't stop the certification. President elect Biden. Then everything would fall apart. President trumpet told them cut Google and utter chaos unless he's in charge. And so everything was their to Tim do you. This could really get ugly so what do you do if you have that situation. You put up seven foot fences over put up after January 6. You put that capital police. Not. A handful of women riot gear but all of them in a riot gear. You have the National Guard there you have other federal agencies the DC police have been there in a large force prior. To that demonstration starting. All all of those things or not that difficult to put together. It is very clear to me and others. It's somebody in upper management may be going all the way to the president I have no idea. Handle it gonna barricades short ones close of the capital. We're not gonna have a large law enforcement present. All of it. Catastrophically wrong. Now one of the lines at second to me from Dunn was his description of people beating officers with blue labs matters flags. Having worked in law enforcement yourself. Even absent the impact of the event that there are not only law enforcement out of the kids that also actual officers in that crowd. It's a lake is being on sort of your comprehension. I mean the idea that you have to fight. People who don't want to get arrested him just committed a violent act to just brutally rapes somebody you get all that your job is to investigate it captured them. The idea that you're actually going to now have to fight. Of people that would balloon the people that you work with. And that they are so justified in their mind that they will harm you they won't kill you because he think it's a greater good. As a country will be in a better place if in fact. We overtake the capital. And it is it that's when you hear these officers like. They just can't understating how in the world a sworn officer from where were they might be in this country. What actually attacked. Other officers. Because. Of what primarily they believed. Was the end of this country as they know it. Clean exists dynasties volumes about the level. In my view again I'm drained washing. And it was all really radicalization. A hole large group of people would even turn against fellow officers. Cancer does an attorney general nominee Merrick Garland was before the Senate Judiciary Committee right now. Has said that he will establish an independent. Outside panel to investigate capital siege what exact group. Uncover about the day that we don't already know. So what you're going to have. The existing intelligence the intelligence that NPD. Did the debt that the capitol police the FBI Tikrit that they had. Guy I guarantee you they all shared with each other. Cantonal look at that and they'll look at what we're the preparations what that the capital police asked the to sergeant at arms. And the Architect of the Capitol who oversees the capitol police look at what were those discussions it sounds like the need that and she son and and sit look we need help this day we don't know what's gonna happen but he could turn bad I want the National Guard there were waved off. And so there to look at that why was it waved off. Coup basically put the brakes on having adequate -- scene and manpower that are there that day. Are also go to look at. Was there inside information did somebody tell the protesters about certain aspects of what we're gonna go on that own the best way to get in there so in other words was there insider information maybe maybe not who knows. That's something you bundle look at the real key is. Who do you hold accountable as to what happened that the capital. And it will we're gonna have to see license will be they will hit the into the red. And of course and people start to nine A didn't really say that I didn't mean to do that. This is the capitol police's fault whatever might be they're gonna come up with excuses. You really need this commission we need we need is to be laid out on the table just like the Department of Justice the FBI. US attorney's offices around the country in particular DC prosecuting people you'll have to hold people accountable for this type of behavior. Does if we lose the rule of law. Or in big trouble. Former FBI agent Brad Garrett we appreciate your analysis as always thank you.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"Attorney general nominee Merrick Garland says he will establish an independent outside panel to investigate the Capitol siege.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76049062","title":"Former FBI agent discusses Capitol siege investigation","url":"/US/video/fbi-agent-discusses-capitol-siege-investigation-76049062"}