FBI fires agent over anti-Trump texts as White House reacts to Omarosa allegations

Trump returns to Washington, D.C., the day after white nationalist rally marking anniversary of Charlottesville clashes.
27:16 | 08/13/18

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Transcript for FBI fires agent over anti-Trump texts as White House reacts to Omarosa allegations
Good morning Heinle enemy koskie and you're watching ABC news live as a happy Monday morning to all of you we have a lot of news to discuss. Over the weekend it was the one year anniversary of the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. The had turned violence and deadly and we expect that another large rally this weekend to take place in Washington DC but. Turns out that only a few people showed up. And Hummer rose managed all Newman she went from the apprentice. So the Trump Organization to the White House and now to making the rounds on cable news he's out with a new book. And razing some national security questions. With the tape that she has of John Kelly firing her. Inside the situation room reading all the let's take a look at today's headlines. A the family of a missing nineteen year old from Phoenix is asking for help in tracking her down cure Bergmann was last seen at her job nine days ago. So Baltimore police officer caught on video repeatedly punching a man has now resigned. The fight grew out of a long running legal dispute. North and South Korea now say they have agreed. On a summit in September in carrying out on this will be their third meeting in recent months between two leaders. University of Maryland head football coach DJ Durkin has been placed on administrative leave. Along with three staffers during an investigation. Into the death of a player will collapse during a work out of ESPN report uncovered a culture of abuse and intimidation within the program. So let's go to Washington DC now where David Wright is joining us from lot by at heart. Add David good morning and tell us about what happened this weekend because of I had mention and we are expecting this large unite the right rallied to. There was a lot of security in place police escorts for the white nationalist movement. And yet they didn't exactly turn out big numbers that day. That's right alone it was a big rally but not a lot of white nationalist turned up for it it was overwhelmingly counter protesters and police. This is pretty much where it all went down right here in Lafayette park right across. From the White House right at the president's doorstep really. And as you say the white nationalist the few that showed up. About 24 of them in total if that many. They were right at the front end of the park in this whole back and over here we're counter protesters. Thousands of them shouting them down. And it right where I'm standing right now that was a buffer zone a wall of police and barricades. Far enough apart these two sides. That they could even throw things at each other except for invective a lot of invective hurled. But thankfully. No punches flown. And as a result of the DC police say that not only did this rally and without major incident they only made one arrest. Law clearly the large police presence there made a difference although it is that not that many people maybe was even necessary a lot of people worry now. Upset that there was so much police presence and even you know an ass court. For the white Nationalists but well over the counter protesters telling you when you spoke to them what was their mood. I mean there mood was jubilant overall they feel that this was an opportunity for this country. Declared its opposition to hatred racism and bigotry and they made their message heard loud and clear. They weren't able to get near the unite the right folks in the unite the right folks admitted that a lot of their people were scared off. Because of the the threat of a large crowd. Bottom line the counter protesters were happy to declare victory and looted left camp pretty. Jubilant it was and it was an eclectic group ranging from black lives matters to any number of other groups and they. They were delighted that that day and ended up carrying today. And as you mentioned lots I had square Iceland and Washington DC it is just steps away from the White House they're right there but of course one. Or in person was in Washington DC this weekend and that would be president from. Was he an element was he brought up to you by any of the counter protesters are those people who spoke to. There were a lot of anti trump signs and interestingly wiese. One person who is pro trump she was wearing a bicycle helmet with trump stickers on it the cat and she was in the counter protestor area. She was carrying a sign that said that she was pro trump. But anti racist the counter protesters surrounded her and shouted her down as well. The president last year you remember in Charlottesville he talked about blame on both sides this year he was much more emphatic condemning racism. But for many here he's part of he he's one of them for many the counter protesters here he was one of the villains and they wanted him to hear the message of course he was up and bad minster. Dealing with other problems. Our data will thank you for joining us this morning. And of course that was Washington DC where we expected some action typically take place this year but. Last year the scene the white nationalist rally the counter protesters that turned violent intently all happened in Charlottesville. And over the last year there has been a lot of political racial tensions that continue there so we're going to even pilgrim. To tell us what happened there this weekend. Elena mostly peaceful weekend here in Charlottesville as they marked the one year anniversary of that. Tragic accident that happened here into the memorial sights set up where the crash occurred a very different scene this year that we sought last year. Here in Charlottesville where those night white Nationalists. Came to town to protest the removal of the Robert. Over the weekend there were a few skirmishes with police and counter protesters four people were arrested. But we did not see those fights amongst protesters like we did last year. The white nationalist did not have a presence in Charlottesville. This year now people. On Sunday gathered here at the memorial site to remember that day and the mother of the woman who was killed here. My daughter had a mission not my job. This community really sigh of relief the barricades are now down its back to business as normal. This week in really a step forward. In the healing process for this community alana. Thank seat and I think a lot of healing to do all around the country still despite. The fizzled white nationals rally that we signed Washington DC that lets move on. To the White House a lot of news happening this morning not only were still talking about Hummer rose sat. And the president signing the national defense authorization act but. First we do have some breaking news is that Peter struck has been fired from the FBI so I wanna go to our let science and joining us and in front of the White House right now are like good morning and what can you tell us about this news I know it's just coming in what do we know about this FBI men. While all I had this is just kind needed right now we have a statement from the attorney for special agent Peter struck. You'll remember he was involved in the FBI's investigation into whether there's any Russian interference with the campaigns and he was one of those agents who had said. Some twelve the tax passages. That appeared to be anti trucks of isn't likely could potentially fueled some. Criticism from the president's we're waiting to hear the White House has anything to say about this today but in a statement an attorney first Peter struck. I did say that they decided to end his career at the FBI will be keeping up with all the latest. Later. Of course we're gonna keep following that story. And that Hummer rose Anderson coming out with this book which she is promoting all over the news has been on every channel this morning she talks about. A tape where Donald Trump allegedly uses the and word. She says that she's decided he is racist he is misogynist but the story that everyone is talking that right now is a recording that she has. With that John Kelly when she was being fired in the situation room. I let this is a big deal because no one supposed to have any kind of recording device for phone in the situation room right. While her former colleagues are raising concerns about the fact that she secretly recorded conversation with John Kelly in the situation room really what are the notes a secure. I rooms here are the White House complex if not all of Washington DC a staffers typically are not supposed to be taken in cell phones or any recording devices you had as. White house Press Secretary series Sanders yesterday say that this was a blatant disregard. For national security. And the White House there are some officials here trying to figure out there's any legal action that they can take just prevents. Over arisen from releasing anymore. Recordings and this morning we actually got another recording from a morose a conversation that she apparently had with president trump. That day after she was fired by chief of staff. John Kelly and the president in the lashing out onerous in very personal terms this morning. I want to show you some of those tweets he's calling her wacky Omar roast that she said that people in the White House heated hurt she was vicious but not Smart. He went on to add she was nasty to people it would constantly miss meetings and work. And talked about how general Kelley actually came in and hold him about some of the problems with numerous and at the president asked and just given shots. To keep trying to working it out because she always has great things about the president until she got. Fire and then in another tweet he acknowledged he said it's not presidential to take on what he calls a low light. Like over Ressa. They keep Alex he had to do that in order to counter some of the messages that she has had out there over the past few days now this all comes as -- Reza is promoting her new book on hits which hits. A bookshelves tomorrow and it's unclear how many more recordings. She might have or when she releases as recordings. And alone I want to show you one picture that is catching a lot of attention online in a lot of buys there's a photo of back and when he sixteen where president trump was being prayed over. By some pastors please see that right there on the screen now and you actually see a morose. Over one soldier and Michael Collins covering other shoulder. Both of them have recorded. This president to of them strong strong loyalists the president for a long time and out they're at our at least those two close confidants. The presidents who have apparently record. And who now are part of you know the group of people or make the very long list of people who are called lots of name is by the president so I'm Rosa gets wacky she gets low life. But I remember this president saying they he was going to be surrounded by. The best people. And throughout it. His campaign and also the time in the White House he said he was gonna bring the best people. On around him that you have seen a several departures from the White House. And Omer Rosa is just one of those that has really been one of the most contentious departures that we've seen over the past year and a half. I let's move onto another story the president does have to do some work today and he's going see you fourth round to sign the national defense authorization act and DAK. Over 700 billion dollars or what really stands out about this NBA game in happens every year it signed every year but what's different now. While the president wrapping up his working vacation and heading up to fort around to sign this bill what's particularly notable is that it's named after senator John. McCain who was one of the president's most frequent targets you have how the president out their repeatedly since feeding back to the campaign. Criticizing McCain a questioning whether he's a real war here else. Campaign rally after campaign rally still he's calling out McCain needy not by name but bringing up that no votes. When McCain voted no against health care now Senator McCain is the chair of the senate arms services committee and he is home in Arizona battling brain cancer and his colleagues. Decided as a tribute to him he's worked very hard when it comes to issues relating to the military as well as funding for the military they want a ten game at. This and CAA after him he says he is humbled by that. A lot of people are going to be watching closely to see if the president today had me praise for McCain it's worth noting. That earlier this summer he actually signed a different villain DA bill that also had McCain's name and it that's ceremony to mention he at all so will be keeping skin disease. When he's us. Tyrol we watch not closely to our let thank you for joining us this morning from the White House let's now find out more about this breaking news and be getting this morning about Peter strapped who has been fired from the FBI. We're going now to Pierre Thomas he's our senior justice courts finance and he's in Washington DC east of here. Good morning and what's the latest that you're hearing Howell. How does this actually affect. Though the Muller investigation and what are we know about this firing in what led to it. Well the firing has taken place we just got a statement from Peter Fox attorney. In which he's expressing great concern about the nature of the firing it sent that the career professionals at the FBI. Recommended that struck be suspended for sixty days and be demoted that he not that he be fired but that the number two at the FBI decided that he should be fired and stocks attorneys saying this is vowing to political pressure. And I guess he suggested that that pressure came from the White House because. President from than others have been. Very much vocal in there disgusted some of the statements. And emails and text messages. That Peter struck set now the core of this case is about. Text message is that Peter struck was exchanging Wednesday FBI attorney. That he had a relationship with the and some of these statements were Y eight nasty in regard to the president you know stays basically. Calling him very bad names question his intelligence saint will be awful thing for the country. If he were to be elected all these text messages word occurring during the campaign. So obviously he has been a lightning rod a particularly on Capitol Hill. And today we get word to he's been fired. And that his attorneys saying this is because of political pressure. Now has the president said anything about this Seattle or waiting because of course we know he has a lot of opinions and normally a lot to say. About the FBI being biased against him and his administration. Just came out of the last half and are easier to my knowledge he's not twenty yet but. I think we will hear from the president probably since. I think that's probably pretty save gas and I jump in got a little bit earlier but. Does this in any way impact or relate to the Muller investigation. Well you have members of congress. On the house side in particular doing an investigation looking at. Whether Peter Sharpe took any steps. That would have harmed. Truck while he was on Muller's team briefly Kaiser Karl he was removed from. Most seem quite some time ago so the the material impact on the case right now is I would seem animal but the ongoing. Congressional debate about whether Peter struck do the thing to harm the investigation continues. Now his attorney make the case today. In the statement that there's not a shred of evidence that Peter front took any. Actions. That would have been influenced by his dislike for the press. I pair thank you for giving us the latest on that this morning we we'll keep following that story. And let's move on to another one of mr. Trump's president trumps former associates on those best people we have all manna sports. The trial is still ongoing with Paul man a four and now the defense is expected to move into their part of the case he is facing. Over eighteen charges here's the we have bank fraud we have tax fried. And a lot of details. About his very lavish and expensive taste. Right now covering the speak with Catherine follow their she's an Alexandria Catherine did morning. And at what can you tell us what is the latest what are we expecting to happen today. Yes so quarters starting a bit later here today at 1 o'clock. They're expected to go back and awards this is a third week of this trial and prosecutors are expected. So rest their case today and we expected back to happen last week but there was a bit of a long delay that the judge and tell us what that was about the there was about five hours away so we expect to here from prosecutors again. This morning at 1 o'clock they are prepared to bring. At least one but we think two more witnesses to the stand the defense women cross examine this witness this week. Do expect the prosecution rests their case today and then the defense. Well going to their case now whether that's today or early tomorrow and it still to be determined since we're starting a bit later here. But at least the government Robert Muller's team of lawyers here is expected to finish today. And do we have any idea what the strategy might be for the defense because. You're the weight of this case has been unfolding the prosecution had over twenty witnesses show up. And the judge certainly would not holding back. If he felt that something that was being done wrong by the prosecution if he wanted to jump in and really contend certain issues in the way that they are being covered. Who writes you remember the prosecution's star witness Rick gates spent. Three days last week on the stand testifying against his former boss now gates is in fourth former deputy he was it that he act campaign manager. On the campaign it's been cooperating with smaller team for five months now he revealed in his testimony he's met with and money times so that really gives you a window in. To the defense's strategy here we heard opening statements from them a couple weeks ago. They don't really prepared to meet this all about where it says the man behind Hamid reports alleged crimes as the person who was really assisting as saying you know. Metaphor was just behind the scenes are so far cross examination. You've seen a defense portrait repeats is an embezzle our as a liar as somebody who have this separate secret life that he funded. With the money he embezzled from Maine afford something. I gates admitted to so even is not testifying we still expect here. A lot about him I'm on the stand this week when the defense presents their case now they will present their case and we expect to hear. What evidence they may enter and if any we also think that defense well call a handful of witnesses. And we don't know whether to form a testifies that so the question. Yeah I think a lot of people would be very curious to hear what comment where would have to save like you said Rick gates a key element here really flipping. Finding his biased. What can you tell us though about Judd jealousy as I mentioned. He wasn't exactly friendly to the prosecution at all time. Yeah he's spar with prosecutors and decent amount he said multiple times a forum in front of the jury. We don't prosecute people for being rich she's told the prosecutors can move their case along show. Show on the evidence so he's really a character but he hasn't courtroom in the last a lot of times even when I was sitting up there on Friday he's he's just the character every time the jury comes any asked them what they have for alliance. It's so he has everybody laughed saying but it's still to be determined. How he's like what the defense they have to present their case whether he's ours just as much if any hasn't so far and he has the defense has been a bit more measured. I'm but. It's to be determined. Yes some people even said that. This judge is like a Caesar and the courtroom is his Rome's Catherine thank you so much for joining us during morning Rita keep following. This trial courts as it keeps moving on. And now let's go to AA a bizarre and really tragic story than. Airport employee in Seattle who stole a 76 passenger commercial airliner flew around for over an hour. And then it crashed in a fatal. Fatal crash that ended up taking his own life right now for more details were going to Clayton send L Clayton. Thank you for joining us this morning and as the deet tails are starting to come up. What do we know about the man who ended up stealing this plane. Ayalon yellow the latest here is that the NTSB and the FBI tell us they. Have recovered the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. From the wreckage of this plane and of course those will hopefully provide a few more clues as to how someone was able to steal an airplane. For one of the nation's busiest airports and as you take a look around here this morning I mean this. There are a lot of airplanes a lot of activity. And this is what happened when we set the scene for you on Friday night around 730. Authorities say that a man by the name of Richard Russell a 29 year old horizon air ground service technician. Came to the north end of the airport where there was a bombard EAQ 400 airplane it's a twin engine turboprop plane seats almost eighty people. He was able to get inside that aircraft. Push it back into a position where he can started out and roll it toward the runway. He did that he essentially barged onto the runway the control tower was trying to contact and was having no lock. And he was able to get that airplane into the air. That immediately set off all kinds of red flags and alarms. Some F fifteen fighters from Portland were scrambled they were given authorization to fly. Supersonic meaning at the speed of sound to catch up to this airplane as quickly as possible. It headed from here. Took off to the south and essentially flipped to the south west. To the south Puget Sound area that is where people started seeing this airplane. Doing all sorts of bizarre things that people knew were not right. They were watching this airplane do barrel rolls dude dives from the sky down to the ground pulling up. At the last second doing loops and flying upside down even so. Lots of very strange maneuvers that they were also seeing these F fifteen fighters. Catch up to this airplane. As a Russell was in the cockpit flying this airplane. He did he was talking to air traffic controllers who were trying to guide him away from populated areas who were trying to get him to land at nearby airports. We have some of that sound for you wanted to play for you a little bit of those counts conversations take a listen. Don't look like they're gorgeous old. Or so I. There are a little bit where you're a lot of neglect aircraft may. And they gonna disappoint them. That you're good at this. I would like to apologize to every autograph. So in some of that audio you heard Russell talked about. Look playing video games and how he didn't really need help lying and of course this. It begs one of the big questions in this story which is. How did Russell on man who authorities say had no pilot's license. Get into this plane and and acquire the knowledge to to start it up and get an in the air. So that is that is the question was it just video games. Was it perhaps flight simulators we've talked to aviation security experts and tell us that flight simulator software is. Easily available and very. Has high fidelity meaning it really closely matches. Be they real things did he use that. The second big question. Is what do airports what airlines due to secure their airplanes. This is kind of a worst case scenario for them because. Russell passed background checks. And had no apparent criminal records so the question now is do procedures need to be changed in some fashion to prison to prevent this from happening again along. The adding a lot of questions raised there as he mentioned you know in not just. Odd moves being made by the plain better to be able to do barrel rolls and such you know sharp turns it's definitely require some skill you with being. For somebody with who knows how to fly planes so thank you for bringing us the latest there Clayton lot of questions about security and of course. Tragedy for the family who themselves are wondering what it is that mean Russell duty day. Now lastly. We got talked about the weather it is summer it's been hot but it's also Iranian muggy here in New York so right now. We're gonna go to ginger is the she's getting Q going to give us the latest on what you can expect. Alana thank you don't big weather headlines along is 'cause because of that flash flooding you can see the images we start with a look at little falls New Jersey where that dealership had those vehicles and then the rain comes in and they get swept away in the swollen creek into that bridge. And they had more than five inches of rainfall very best and it really only takes up to two feet. Of flowing water to do that now here in Lynn Massachusetts they had won an eight inches of rain. And it's not over we have more rain on the way abundant moisture at the surface the stalled front stationary doesn't move much. And immediately call training thunderstorms over the same exact area flash flood warnings just west of Philadelphia. In a life threatening flooding so you end up getting an alert on your phone and it's right around when a please please please keep that in mind. Now beyond the East Coast flooding what's happening in the next 36 hours. Arkansas. Parts of Missouri eastern Oklahoma on alert as well next two days because they could see four to six inches of rain supports met. I just west of Little Rock something to know. Now one of the west because everybody checking in on the holy fire they meet huge advances in containing this one at 52% contained now that the time lapse of a security camera that captured the beginning of the holy fire. Things are going to get hotter as we go through the week and in northern Nevada northern California there's some outflow boundaries on thunderstorms that could. Kick up the winds and make the fire fighting and the fire instigating much worse but yet staying and actually getting hotter this week. As Seattle we'll go back into the nineties batting. Stays right around 100 in Bakersfield uses that's a look at what's happening east to west funny whether had excellent. And that is it for ABC news live this morning I'm aligning Cox he would thank you so much for tuning in and to forget you can also download ABC news app. To watch our program have a great day.

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