FBI press conference on Nashville explosion

The FBI explained why they believe the RV explosion in Nashville was an “intentional attack.”
10:52 | 12/25/20

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Transcript for FBI press conference on Nashville explosion
Chief Jon Drake the national police department he will be followed by United States attorney Don Cochran. For the middle district of Tennessee. He will be followed by Mickey as am IC KEY French. Special agent in charge of the ATF for this area. He will be followed by Matt Foster. He's special agent in charge of the Nashville FBI office. And then national fire department chief director William swan we'll speak to some operations are taking place on second avenue and chief Jon Drake. Thanks Don. Good afternoon this morning. Around 5:30 AM officers responded to a call for Sox start in the downtown area. Specifically. Second and near commerce. Have also responded then counted in RV. That had a recording. Sand at a potential bomb would did made within fifteen minutes. Also subprime here and that decided to evacuate the buildings nearby. That they began knocking on doors making announcements have been emergency communication communicate with federal want to did people safe. Shortly after that the RV exploded. We had one officer that was knocked to the ground. And golf sir. Currently. What we have going on Allen's movies have Kate and dogs all of mild pardon and will. To see Highway Patrol our federal partners and woods sweeping the downtown area just says Carlson. To make sure that everyone is safe and it you know any service it needed we can provide that. But so what that says what we don't feel there's. Any concern in the downtown area of me. Dingell's right now but we are due in a desperate Carlson just about the surge drove a ball mills. At this time I'll turn it over to attorney. Don Clark. Good afternoon and Merry Christmas unfortunately this is not the way any of us want to spend our Christmas morning I know. But I'm Don Cochran on the US attorney here in Nashville Tennessee this morning and I briefed the acting attorney general Jeff Rosen on the situation here in Nashville. And he has. Told me to tell the police chief in Nashville that we are devoting entire resources of the Department of Justice to help in their investigation. FBI and ATF are taking a leading this investigation and I wanted to turn the stage over first. Assistant special agent charged Matt Foster of the FBI. And then special agent in charge Mickey fracture the ATF to explain some of the resources at the federal government's gonna bring to bear on the situation. Thank you Don. The FBI stands with the city of Nashville today. In this very tragic Christmas Day event. This is our city too we live here we work here. We're putting everything we have into finding who was responsible. For what's happened here today. This part of doing that there are investigative leads to be pursued there's also technical work that needs to happen. And we're standing with metro Nashville police department. And our federal partners. And our state partners to bring every resource we can possibly bring to bear to find out what happened here today. And to bring those responsible to justice. The investigative leads. Jury understand. Is not something that we can talk about. As we continue to pursue every tip I would ask the public to go to www. FBI dot gov slash Nashville. Www. FBI dot gov slash Nashville. Where an online tip submission process been set up. Please tell us what you know. We need you leads we need your help. Can also call 1800 call FBI calling tip information if you know anything about. What's happened here today would appreciate your help. On the technical side. Our focus will be on bringing the technical experts of the FBI from across the country including the FBI laboratory. Are hazardous devices school. And our experts from evidence response teams nationwide. Into Nashville to help process this massive crime scene along with did Jeff. Boettcher national peavy and the many other partners who were part of this effort that will continue. We will find out what happened here. Good afternoon. Manning's Mickey French from the special agent charged for a ATF national steel division. AGF as continue to be a critical partner. With the metro metro. Police department as wells are federal counterparts. AGF responded this morning with several groups. And personnel. From the national field division we've also activated our national response team. That particular team is made up specialists as well. Certified explosive specialists. Kim asked. Engineers as well as evidence recovery interview teams and so forth. We'll be coordinating that with metro Nashville police department as well as the FBI. And we'll put together a team that is going to collectively. Work this investigation. To the fullest our main priority is obviously keep our Nashville citizens safe and secure. And we'll work jointly with everybody here to do that thank you. Good afternoon. Not alone giving this a quick update on know Don earlier mentioned as far as if our apartments row in mess. We did transport three individuals who have minor injuries. But right now what we're doing is with our structural engineers. Along with our. Urban search and rescue. Hazmat teams we're going into the buildings making sure no more wind to build this sound and ensuring that there are no other victims or anyone that are there. So a lot of moving parts. Again my hat goes off to although teams working together as one unit. And will continue to work on into the job is done so thank you. Our latest gentlemen that's the update. As we know it at president. If there is another briefing for this afternoon we'll let you know. But that you pretty much know what. We know at this juncture is far is. Our community is concerned. Again to reiterate. We know of no other imminent danger to the city at this point the bomb dogs. Going through the downtown area now are doing that as a precaution. Okay. I can hear you hear it. I'll talk with Joseph pleasant from OEM I can tell you that several of the buildings on second avenue have structural damage. Several of them had had been damaged as some more than others. We'll get dead. Before you I know that is to swan said the fire departments looking. At those structural issues now to determine. Any more potential impact. With as soon. The FBI said we will find that out. There are a number of people working right now on Christmas Day and burning leads throughout the city. Some of our police department the FBI ATF. Answers will be forthcoming. We can't discuss those with you now or. Exactly what we're looking at that answers I'm sure we'll be forthcoming. I have had no information about any body being found. We do not know. Whether anyone was in the RV when it exploded. We do not know whether anyone was in the RV when it explode so I can't tell you at this point whether there's a potential for a fatality. In that scenario. It is believed it was coming from the RV. There were announcements. Coming from the RV. And that's the extent of what we can say at this point. There are cameras throughout this downtown area. Yes we have been reviewing. At downtown cameras and that is all part of the totality of the investigation. Just providing more peace is to the puzzle more information. As chief Drake said we had a number of officer several officers on second avenue. Who were working to protect the public when the explosion occurred as he said one of those officers was knocked off his feet. We have some counselors. With our officers are behavioral health folks are with those officers insuring that their okay. I mean that he went to a very traumatic experience themselves. I. Well they went. To the residential areas on second avenue. And did their best to get people to safety. Obviously they heard the announcements coming from this vehicle. They took them seriously. And we're working to seal the streets to protect folks. And we think it worked we think lives were saved by those officers doing just that. All right thanks very much folks.

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{"duration":"10:52","description":"The FBI explained why they believe the RV explosion in Nashville was an “intentional attack.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74911578","title":"FBI press conference on Nashville explosion","url":"/US/video/fbi-press-conference-nashville-explosion-74911578"}