FBI Sting Nabs Terror Suspect in Kansas

Terry Loewen allegedly plotted to explode a car bomb at Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Transcript for FBI Sting Nabs Terror Suspect in Kansas
I mean this afternoon. With members of the Wichita joint terrorism task force. We're here to -- about a federal complaint that was filed today charging a Wichita man with a plot to explode a car bomb. Did Kok airport here in Wichita. The defendant is Terry -- -- He's a white male age 58 in avionics technician who works at the airport -- lives here in Wichita. The defendant was arrested this morning at approximately 548 -- and fearful. That's -- it faces three charges. One count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. One count of attempting to damage property with explosives. And one count of attempting to provide material support -- -- terrorist organization. If he's convicted of these charges. He faces a maximum penalty of life in federal prison. The -- complaint was filed today -- US federal district court. Alleges that mr. -- spent months. Developing a plan to use his access card. To the airport to drive a car loaded with explosives to -- -- It's alleged he planned to pull the trigger on exposes himself and explosion as a -- Agents arrested him. At about 5:40 AM as he attempted to use his -- court. To enter the tarmac and to deliver the vehicle loaded with what he believed to be high explosives. In fact. Those explosives were in arts and they were what it was not -- ever explode. Members of the FBI's joint terrorism task force took him into custody without incident. I want next. Expressed the strongest terms possible that at no time. What was the airport perimeter. Breached. And at no time was any citizen or member of the travel traveling public in any type of danger. No -- was pleased that he Jeffords. I also would have also -- at this. We have no. Indication that the defendant was. Involved working with any members -- -- Religious community in Wichita. And his actions in no way reflect anyone else in our community. It's a little something about the investigation itself. Mr. long had been under investigation by Wichita joint terrorism task forces. Early summer of 2013. He made statements that he was resolved to -- an active. Violent Jihad against the United States. Over a period of months he took several actions to advance this -- According to the affidavit -- with a complaint. It alleges that mr. -- studied the layout of the airport took photographs of -- access points. He research flights to determine when you begin maximum number of individuals at here. He is he assisted in acquiring components which he believed were part of the building of the -- He talked about his commitment to this crime and his commitment to martyr himself as part of this horrific event. This morning as soon as he went to the mid continent airport to detonate -- bomb. He was taken into custody when he attempted to open the security gate with his pass. He was taking -- doing that security. Pass fail to operate the -- As I -- he was vacant and without incident when there's armed. The FBI evidence response teams are processing multiple locations right now for -- And although the investigation is ongoing we do not anticipate any additional -- at this time. Start with the governor early. And in this day and age cynicism about government and cynicism about law enforcement. I want to -- the members of our community and folks in our state that this is a shining example. How. Good law enforcement. How will they work together -- it is truly textbook example. And I want to thank the Wichita -- TT. The FBI. The Centre county sheriff's office the Kansas Highway Patrol. The Transportation Security Administration Wichita airport authority and Wichita police -- for the work they've been on this case. It was truly a team effort.

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{"id":21210345,"title":"FBI Sting Nabs Terror Suspect in Kansas","duration":"3:00","description":"Terry Loewen allegedly plotted to explode a car bomb at Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita.","url":"/US/video/fbi-sting-nabs-terror-suspect-kansas-21210345","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}