FDA nears approval of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Plus, ABC News contributor Dr. Darien Sutton discusses how long people should wait to get the vaccine if they have recovered from COVID-19.
3:10 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for FDA nears approval of Johnson & Johnson vaccine
While the FDA's an outside panel. But experts advisory panel's meeting right now to decide on whether to grant emergency use authorization for a third vaccine in the United States. If all goes well the Johnson and Johnson's single dose vaccine could be authorized as early as today and the company says it is ready to start shipping doses immediately so let's bring in emergency physician and ABC news medical contributor doctor Darian Sutton for more on this. I'm certainly talked about this before the JJ Maxey and now is a single dose vaccine unlike those Pfizer and return of actions. But there's also tested asked her new variants started being discovered does worry some. More transmissible bear variance so how important is that. There is not just important it's necessary as we operate in this world where this Cyrus is constantly changing and possibly poses increased risk to us in terms of transmits ability we have. To understand how the vaccine operate within ash and so JJ has provided us with that preliminary information and hold Salim intern and buzzer will follow with information regarding. How efficacious they're vaccines are with the needs and climate Behrens that may be more transmissible. Each and. Actor's sudden the doctor leading the CDC's coma nineteen vaccine efforts said today. And she is the US can get to administering over one point five million doses a day. As soon as there's enough vaccine to do that. At last part seems to be the key there are so what's realistic timeline on that happening she and how can that help us more quickly reached herd immunity. I think it's a realistic timeline but I also would close wherever elegant sentence they I think the beyond Michael would be at least two million vexing day especially now that we have the possibility of the emergency use authorization ends toward the changing that scene and recently we average around one point five million per day in and we continue on that trajectory we'll see possibly 50% that's needed by late summer and 70% vaccinated by early fall now 70% as an experiment many. Epidemiologist at following up with what is needed to prevent hurting our vaccine induced herd immunity. And really could reduction how soon do you think we can reach that milestone of one point 5000002 million vaccines administered a day. I would say as early as next beyond U we were able to have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine included in or vaccines against Corbett nineteen we could probably reach and surpass that and a couple of weeks. It and and doctors and we have a question from Twitter Diane put a call out we got some good questions including. If you've had come in nineteen. How long you have to wait to get vaccinated. This short answers there's no specific time and that one would have to wait after the outcome in 1940 different vaccine. Now because of a decrease supply we've stated that. It is unlikely to kitco be nineteen again within the first three months of your infection of the general recommendations are a week that agreement ma because the risk is not really echoes of that person however. If you were to have nineteen and the vexing were to become available there's no reason not to get permits probably it's completely located. We knew you know the answer to that turn to Derek sudden thanks very much as all.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Plus, ABC News contributor Dr. Darien Sutton discusses how long people should wait to get the vaccine if they have recovered from COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76145164","title":"FDA nears approval of Johnson & Johnson vaccine","url":"/US/video/fda-nears-approval-johnson-johnson-vaccine-76145164"}