1997: Aldrich Ames Interview

Convicted spy tells "Nightline's" Ted Koppel that his actions didn't threaten the U.S. national security.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1997: Aldrich Ames Interview
On June 13 1985. -- -- turned over to his KGB handlers. The names of twenty Soviets who were working for western intelligence. At least ten would be executed. Within a year. Surrogate said Franco was one of those Ames betrayed who was not -- security it. -- who was a Soviet diplomat at the United Nations in the 1970s. Who began supplying information to the CIA. Aldrich -- was assigned to be. His -- It was anything Redd just. Pure professional relationship with you refer your friends from -- the very beginning. As you look back. On the relationship. If there were just one thing you wanted to say it. -- ring connect and in our other adequate words. To describe. How -- you if you. We -- this. Bitterness that is. It's not a matter of me being treated unfairly it's I mean things happened this last already -- treated fairly. But. It is still part to a tool. Except. -- -- Your friends. That special person -- That it too. -- us visual cue us himself. You us you want to the community he wanted me to. To -- to be used -- Orders given enough that he -- Friendship with. It was -- is -- -- ruined. And. Certainly. I feel. About him and talking to the KGB about him. In a rather different way -- then. That about other persons. Four. At first the strength of the personal relationship. France yes genuine friends yet most most of the people who -- And we gave to the KGB. We're not people who are known to me personally. But I have to storm after storm. Friend us certain news genuine for -- -- as you say yes or Richard good month novelist. That's. More broad I believed but I believed to determine gave him up and events prove me right. -- There was no serious risk to him -- come. You couldn't possibly have known I was taking this and we're taking the risk of his life assurance that your fortune dude -- -- For money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- -- your country to her. -- You -- here's where Americans really -- veteran. -- -- you are presuming to know. And that the consequences. Of what you do. Would not possibly have a negative impact on your country. That's right. I do maintain that didn't remember that no significant damage to our national security interest occurred. Tremendous damage was done. To the agency's. Institutional framework the agency's operations. And most importantly. To an awful lot of people. First move -- from -- I'd like to go to Gordon risk is. In 1985. -- -- Gordy askew was in charge of KGB operations in Great Britain. He had also been secretly working for British intelligence. For years. What is your assessment of hurricanes. Let's just looked over Aldrich Ames is that he is of course the trait that hit only one to to have money. Money money in order to have a -- the life. To have a future -- through with it could be -- best of. Is that punishment. Will be Bruins. Suffering from Elizabeth -- Futile it did unexpectedly huge but -- courses until then took his things. So you can actually say that mr. -- because. You -- what you wouldn't you. To relieve them first of going to think -- -- -- -- I think -- I think. Everything he should there. Certainly. Strikes me very. Strongly. -- -- -- Wants. -- -- -- -- -- -- Had taken made similar choices and taken some cancers. Any reasonable person hearing -- -- that -- say what areas. But that's that was not an arrogant statement. What I did to those men the situation and their families and and others and -- and -- Any kind of shame kind of remorse that I feel. It's something who did this is and I think always will be intensely personal to me.

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{"id":21372948,"title":"1997: Aldrich Ames Interview","duration":"3:00","description":"Convicted spy tells \"Nightline's\" Ted Koppel that his actions didn't threaten the U.S. national security.","url":"/US/video/feb-11-1997-aldrich-ames-interview-21372948","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}