Federal government prepares for Hurricane Florence

Pres. Trump says FEMA and first responders are ready for Hurricane Florence while touting the government's work post-Hurricane Maria.
4:38 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Federal government prepares for Hurricane Florence
President trump has declared some federal emergencies for all the states in a storm zone but he says the federal government is prepared. He is now facing some backlash for his response to hurricane Rea as he made some comments about Puerto Rico Kevin Travers. Is at the White House worth keeping track of all that Karen what is the administration saying as far as the Pratt already in place for her yet. Diane of a lot of strong messages coming out of the administration and we heard the president yesterday with the administrator for FEMA Brock long. And the DHS Homeland Security secretary says he's getting regular updates right now or not scheduled to see the president to leader today. Would be surprised if we don't see him at some point with another message on hurricane Florence. This morning he tweeted that the storm is looking even bigger than anticipated evening kinda getting some forecaster messages. Through his Twitter accounts. He also released a video that he taped in the Rose Garden where he urged everybody in the storms and to pay very close attention to state and local officials take a listen to what he had to say. Get out of its way. Don't play games with the were fully prepared food medical. Everything you can imagine. We are ready. But despite that. Ed things can happen when you're talking about a storm this size. And that is of the two main messages from the president over the past 24 hours one take these evacuation orders seriously because of residents as. Maybe impossible for a federal agencies to get in air once this storm hits to do rescue and recovery efforts so. If state and local officials are saying get out the president says you have to follow that the same time Monday and he's also trying to reassure Americans that the federal government is ready. Prepare has what it means to get in and get resources to those who need it. One former official I was talking to yesterday who worked in the administration and hurricane recovery efforts last year said. The Reese sources aren't necessarily the issue they've got water it got supplies. It's a personnel issue you need to make sure there are people that are positioned in the region who can get in very quickly. They can organize the giving out of that material and make sure it's done in a waste of the people who need it the most get it first. It seems like this all efforts to reinforce the fact that the federal government is prepared for Florence may be related to the criticism the federal government is getting. For the response to hurricane Maria on a the president recently addressed that what the latest. The president. Having getting criticism for twelve months for the federal government's response to Harry keen Maria and this week and he's reignited that feud that we saw last year. With the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico Carmen Cruz hiking on Twitter today called her totally incompetent. And it's said that the administration. Is getting an unappreciated. Great job with Puerto Rica that it does not getting the credit it deserves. Yesterday in the Oval Office he talked rate linked defending that response here is yet to say. I think Hillary codes. Incredibly successful. What Rezko was actually our toughest portable because it's an islands. And truck that ought to everything but. I would move the hospital orderly commanders and military. Ship. That. And I actually think that the governor has been organized ST. I think probably the hardest what we had by far was Puerto Rico because of the island nature. And I actually think it was one of the best jobs it's ever been done with respect what this. I think the Puerto Rico was incredible. Unsung. Success. Taxes we have been given any losses well. Florida we've been given any pluses or. I think it is certain weight the best job it was Puerto Rico. But nobody would understand. Ordered a stand it was very hard very hard things. We asked a White House official who exactly Gaby classes for the efforts in taxes for hurricane harbor in Florida for Herman last year. He couldn't say that you said many people have been giving the administration high marks for the efforts last year. But you heard the president there forcefully defending a response in Puerto Rico last year. Diane this is something the president continues to do despite. Mounting criticism despite a staggering death tolls that is is said to have been as a direct result of that storm. The president hasn't conceded any points on this it's unlikely he will. As he starts promoting the administration's. Reposition response to hurricane. Florence. And show that the administration is on top of this as that comes towards the coast apparently sure hope so Karen Travers and the White House Karen thanks.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Pres. Trump says FEMA and first responders are ready for Hurricane Florence while touting the government's work post-Hurricane Maria. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57773579","title":"Federal government prepares for Hurricane Florence ","url":"/US/video/federal-government-prepares-hurricane-florence-57773579"}