Feeding children left hungry by COVID-19

ABC News’ Will Carr reports on a U.S. Department of Agriculture initiative getting millions of meals to rural children.
5:20 | 05/15/20

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Transcript for Feeding children left hungry by COVID-19
In the midst of all the suffering there is relief for some tonight we want to share the story of one group that's already provided meals to hundreds of thousands and plans to feed many more. Will car starts us off. In rural America where you have to get old fashioned directions after you pass gun barrel lane it really are you good land Harry hill. Families like Julie Estes gets in May think Texas are struggling. Life in general is crazy right now we weren't able to get more than a gallon of milk at the grocery store and that lasts about. A day with this many kids. I go through five dozen eggs a week so Arizona should be getting my own chickens that are RD laying. And the kids take care of those that's project for them they really love it. Julie schoolteacher with six kids including three who she adopted. That's a 1000 who did it do I have six kids and there's. Growing boy is so they like to eat a lot that put a lot of food away. Hinted at Missouri Bobby Dublin's husband just got laid off. Lee Boyd. Financially. Just strain to have everyone home and I. And they're not alone today's unemployment numbers highlight what so many families already know. Millions of Americans are now suffering the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Last week just shy of three million people filed for unemployment bringing the total number since the crisis began to 36 and a half million Americans. By far the biggest loss in American history. The economic catastrophe is so deep Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell is warning Washington that if congress in the White House don't provide more economic relief. The economy could be permanently damaged. While Washington debates how to move forward. A public and private initiative spearheaded by Baylor university in Texas and the USDA has ramped up an initiative called meals to you. Which started as a pre covered nineteen program last year to help feed kids in rural America. Hunger even before this pandemic. And we have forty million Americans are food insecure. Until hunger and poverty are too big for any one sector or anyone organization to address by themselves. After the crisis started though with the help of the federal cures act the program has scaled up exponentially. We have five production lines back here with their employees. And each line can produce. 800 meals in five minutes. Inside this warehouse yet stacks and stacks of spirit including juice boxes different types of cereals and when you add it all up you're talking about millions and meals going to families all across the country every week. How many meals can you put together a weak right now we can put the other five million mills would that's a lot envelope we do across three different locations. The food starts in this massive to claim global warehouse in Houston Texas. Right now all of the program is going to get about 500000. Children and in each box which is packed with twenty meals is loaded UPS trucks. In check out the 38 states and Puerto Rico. They NG mill. And land. In he actually rather then any ridge greater which is kind of need it's yes. Why. So much I am such a blessing not mice are. No other kids are. Who provided him. You know such as they want to work with the limit for north. Turkey and entering. We were there when Julie Estes Gibson her six kids back in May banked Texas got there of late this delivery. We thought calm exterior we talk about when the boxes summit by Christmas morning because they're anxious to open them in Florida and and see what they got. What are you wanna say it all the people who helped introduce it. Thank you. And thank you for all your hard work in your dedication. To kids that you don't even know. Yes so many so grateful and will Carr joins us now from that warehouse so how people sign up for this film. So that's a big question Lindsey basically if you live in a rural part of the country all you have to do is contact your local school district tell them. But you want to apply for the meals to you program. And die at this point this is in 38 states like we mentioned but they want to reach all fifty. And the very near future. And we we can see people working busy right behind you what are they doing there to ensure safety. Yet every person in this warehouse has to be temperature check they all have to be wearing their PP including odds this is really. The new reality for so many companies across the country. And before you go will you were speaking to economists today what are they telling you about. Overall about the types of jobs being lost across the country and how long this can last. That's right we know that one in five working Americans is now on employed over the past two months I mean think about that. One in five so this is something that is reaching. All across the country in all industries it's hitting all communities and economists are telling us that it's gonna get. Worse before it gets better. Right people who have never lined up for food are doing so now will car thank you so much for that.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"ABC News’ Will Carr reports on a U.S. Department of Agriculture initiative getting millions of meals to rural children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70693544","title":"Feeding children left hungry by COVID-19","url":"/US/video/feeding-children-left-hungry-covid-19-70693544"}