How FEMA is responding to Texas’ weather crisis

Acting Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Bob Fenton discusses efforts to help Texas and the challenges he’s facing as the weather gets warmer.
4:24 | 02/19/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How FEMA is responding to Texas’ weather crisis
President Biden said today that he would ask FEMA to accelerate its response to the crisis in Texas by declaring a major disaster in the state. Acting FEMA administrator Bob Fenton joins us now for more honest. Bob thanks for being here I know you're busy. Curious how this major disaster declaration will help things in taxes. And why are we see it earlier. All on the Sunday the president declared it a mercy declaration. This allows. Immense sorrow directs and you Shirley C to provide resources and gives us all. Those forty funding we need to respond to lifesaving. Or our place is any news or so and that's crime over the last week prescribe it water we approach you'll regret it. Meals like it's our Canon right now because. Cold conditions all and it Irish Jewish resurrection she seventeen water in areas sport. And Bob this is Terry Moran about a dozen aircraft glimmering Watertown Galveston Inco common Corpus Christi. So what supplies are most needed on the ground now. Now one of the biggest challenge of facing going and the next few days. Yet an extra days as she as negotiations are open up. And as the temperatures start to rise say we're as she is much more damage to reached on Industrie the water in action. And so it's it's a crime or the water systems start working which means we need -- you to provide. Us this amount of water and air Baltic a Wallace and Russia source mark and restock which gets you great shrewd. To riddles or don't answered. In. And we need to consume one station there are areas Ers or older is due to. This critical it if you are old you go to one of the warmly stations stones. You know what you don't horror. You should be doomed barbecues in the house or gases and. Me and I T should be shades of these Smart or you're rich you need are eager to wonder what we station earlier. And about how does this emergency affected a vaccination effort. Well there's a number states and Britain and impacted by the vaccination. You heard news was announced that we we're going to establish three I'll large sites Texas. One in Nam Houston and two in the Dallas early and when adults are on. Those are scheduled certain middle next week. We are bred to reduce tensions are establish those so we're still working to do it out as were responding to. The needs of individuals and tighter and and so it has its up just yet we may push back. And one day the world announced this week and once we see how those facilities are urged our operational and waters are those sorts. So Bob we know that FEMA responds to and the disasters emergencies across the country. And power is often one of the main issues get him back up and go and now Texas is power grid independent. From the rest of the nation. How it even impact if any has had had on recovery efforts. Our article we depend on it so much the United States what are its commercial waste we're your house. You and you now communications are good and on our obviously a short dress as hospitals the water systems. All those things are to an hour so it's important part comes up to good news power outages drop significantly. Now it's restart that infrastructure and didn't everything going perspectives. And and what can people around the country do right now to help the people of Texas. Well right now there should be saints you trench year nonprofits and donations are usually the best thing. It is super right donations Red Cross. Sony's dominance in our or rather nonprofits that you donate through go do that Texas marching actually went aged and she get I get out may be sure your free speech organization. Is due out but for the people Texas but they needed you always start off by. An assurance start allspice. Processing at the church airport and that's a nuclear is way to get assistance. To insurance. And then we are looking at the major declaration its arms and assists as individuals. That we are. Aaron acting FEMA administrator Bob Fenton thank you for your time today we appreciate it we are you indeed.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Acting Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Bob Fenton discusses efforts to help Texas and the challenges he’s facing as the weather gets warmer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76006140","title":"How FEMA is responding to Texas’ weather crisis","url":"/US/video/fema-responding-texas-weather-crisis-76006140"}