Missouri Governor Orders National Guard to Leave Ferguson

Jay Nixon says they will coordinate with the state highway patrol to make a "systematic withdrawal" from the city.
5:55 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for Missouri Governor Orders National Guard to Leave Ferguson
Missouri governor Jay Nixon is pulling the National Guard out of Ferguson the announcement coming in just a little more than an hour ago. The governor saying they will but in a quote systematic process of withdrawing from the city. One they will coordinate with the Missouri state Highway Patrol. Hello I'm Mary -- in Washington protesters took to the streets again late last night but the demonstrations were smaller quieter. As the focus slowly turns to the grand jury that will decide if -- case against officer Darren Wilson goes forward. But the latest now from Ferguson here's ABC's -- Gonzales. One day after visiting Ferguson today attorney general Eric Holder is again urging patience as police and federal agents continue investigating the shooting death of Michael Brown. We will try to do this as expeditiously as we can. On the other hand at the end of today's most important that we get it right and that means that thoroughness. Completeness is what we will emphasize. A grand jury met for the first time yesterday included in the evidence -- review this video showing the moments after officer Darren Wilson killed brown. A witness saying in the background the shots were fired as the unarmed eighteen year old walked towards the officer. Last night a couple of people showing support for officer Wilson were out alongside protesters rallying in the street -- Wilson's arrest. Despite those tense exchanges officers say it was one of the -- nineteen yet here -- Ferguson. There were no Molotov cocktails tonight no fires no shooting. And no tear gas or other confrontations like this one caught on camera Tuesday. And -- Manhattan that officer now suspended indefinitely. Last night only six arrests but despite the relative calm the National Guard he's still here. Marcy Gonzales ABC news Ferguson Missouri. And we're joined live now for Ferguson by ABC's Steven Portnoy who's also in Ferguson -- and now the the National Guard is on its way out. Overcomes the highest law enforcement authority on the ground there. -- good afternoon from. From Ferguson -- you can see behind me there's a humvee from the national car they are still here at this moment they have begun their systematic withdrawal from this town existing highway. -- and put in charge of the response to the protest for the past week that will again take the lead in should be told they've always had it. The National Guard presence that you see here has mainly been meant to protect this area we're speaking to you from the police command post. You basically have a parking lot of a shopping mall this is where the police and large number of media have been centered. We are about a half mile south of the real protest area on a means stretch of commercial. Businesses up and down here in Ferguson so the National Guard have been here. Protecting this command post because on Monday the governor says this area came under a coordinated attack. But now governor Nixon says the situation is greatly improved and they can begin this systematic -- all of these National Guard troops. Stephen in his statement governor Nixon seems to -- explain how the National Guard believed might also. Justify their presence in the first place. -- -- CNN political maneuvering in the language there. Well I I think that what that in the national -- to do. Was let everyone here know that they were here but they never mixed it up -- protesters the situation as governor Nixon's enemies statement this afternoon has vastly improve. They went from. 78 arrests two nights ago to 47 -- tonight -- lasted just six arrests last night. No violent scuffles between police and protesters -- tear gas -- Molotov cocktails. And governor Nixon says the situation has improved such an extent -- these troops behind me feeling. And Steven -- on what you're seeing there today in any reason to expect this trend -- calm while continuing to this evening. Well I I think everyone here is hoping -- that runs the gamut from. Members of the communities and police -- even many of us here in the press are hoping for a restful night tonight. I think in the sense here in this community news that people who have been. Clamoring for justice. Have had their voices heard. And that's ahead Eric Holder spent a great deal of time with them this week and certainly the community policing efforts of captain Johnson had. Health to a great extent. Letting the folks here know that they have a voice that -- being heard in the law enforcement to hear what. Eric Holder the attorney general -- Washington. Days. -- the Justice Department after leaving here today sending even rarely so affected in the job as attorney general as he has been coming here to Ferguson yesterday. And he said that he. Probably better than most people are almost anyone who served in this post in the last 200. Very odd years of the American history. He understands. The mistrust that exists between. Members of the African American community and members along -- law enforcement. He told the crowd here that when he was a young prosecutor he was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike and was pulled over and he told -- group of students at a community college here Ferguson and -- young kid who got pulled over by police on the New Jersey Turnpike is now the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the land. Powerful -- Powerful message in needing ACC record -- live markets. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on the -- For now I'm Mary Bruce in Washington.

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{"id":25076553,"title":"Missouri Governor Orders National Guard to Leave Ferguson","duration":"5:55","description":"Jay Nixon says they will coordinate with the state highway patrol to make a \"systematic withdrawal\" from the city.","url":"/US/video/ferguson-governor-jay-nixon-orders-national-guard-leave-25076553","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}