Fertility expert explains the dangers of recent fertility clinic machine malfunctions

USC's Dr. Bendikson walks ABC News' Lesley Messer though the nuts and bolts of fertility refrigeration.
17:34 | 03/12/18

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Transcript for Fertility expert explains the dangers of recent fertility clinic machine malfunctions
I and lastly pastor at east use your doctor Christian Bendix and a fertility specialist with USC fertility. And we're gonna talk all that about embryo freezing night freezing especially in light the two incidents in San Francisco and Cleveland. I think he's so much for doing well so. This is where eggs and embryos are frozen. Actually right that you received fertility that this is where they're stars. Are crying storage tanks OK there should be a guy who takes some times. Let them do what they'd use gasoline. We person want to reassure our patience and all the patients had undergone. X street scene and fertility. That there isn't embryos at sea and the a's two patents. Are hardly tragic as patients that are. That we believe in our eyes and visitors are here very very icy that we really want to reassure people on. Here today. So yes a one of the things that were we really want HW takes a few minutes to actually. Settled down and I should hey. I was so I actually kinda have to removed land storage tank and then we'll go through about how this stars team works. I think it can be extremely complicated and at. Nailing down to something very ports and some people can under ten batters. And answer starts up. I'm gonna let this patent storage. Cover half right now. I now here. There it. I write. And it publicly and this is liquid nitrogen I'm in China's hottest in the allow allowed for us. So far few minutes we're gonna have to talk over. There than I may not only going to be a little bit loud and now. That I'm. One of the most important aspect of all of that the people have to. And that is how how did. He work hit different rating. Reason. And I think is very different London's electricity and law and if you unplugged yet it's gonna warm up. Everything is in a warm up inside and you haven't I. It's going to slowly out if the temperature inside the freezing streets slowed me right. This is totally different yeah totally different so what we have here. Our storage things that are holding liquid that he is armed massive and expensive. Services. Right so they work platform. So what isn't thermos. If you put liquid inside that it's really cold you agree experiment that which is as. I'll paint. If however. I'm you have hot liquid and it Tennessee hot. And it is to keep the temperature of the flu ahead. At the same time right. So liquid nitrogen. And ordered as it liquid state needs to be at her. 190. Cents a negative 196. Degrees Celsius so really cold day. And what happened is that the temperature. Goes above that then the liquid nitrogen start wailing on and it turns into a paper which is what recede here is they went through and four and a that they haven't quite sorted out exactly what. Are great they have and a corporate wide low level. Correct correct that we don't understand exactly what happens and they'll look and it's that way and we'll find out more and as time goes on. I'm so this is the liquid nitrogen. They heard you can talk to the colts have nothing called. But what you understand that B insulation. Me here he put this here. These liquid nitrogen and heat since liquid vehicle in the they're designing is that they can but there's no perfect fit that we're that installation. Is amazing isn't it it's Danny's all of the liquid is in Oxnard at ninety degrees and OK so. We know we anticipate that every single day that's hotly apparently went again and points of oil off a little. So we lose a little bit of liquid nitrogen every single day right so the level goes and evidently so in fact we now it's feeling right now. That we know this monitor easily as a level on it that tells us what our average lots rate is every day. And it zero point 70 point eat us our rights that we lose lessons instantly when nitrogen that. But that's how this thing it's supposed to work right so. What we haven't played it that we have had in history that's them that's really high tax. That not only how at this temperature. Temperature the temperature that's liquid nitrogen. And it threatened I'm of the liquid nitrogen. It also tells us what. Fourteen point nine. And those that black. Isn't it then nose and we priest. When it falls below a certain level. Then you have this massive storage tank of liquid nitrogen here its cleanup on automatically refill. The liquid nitrogen. And some that happens at. And that's actually what's happening right. Math right let's go live. And so what we do in order to keep that day. Hey right in these fat fat level at which it automatically mean you know much much higher than where. I'll set you think about this he. Weighed down here liquid night. Not all that out here. An act wow yeah okay air fare very protective hit their very protracted settlement act and we laugh though liquid. This story last we left it with the cover off. And we left Pittsburgh. To three days is like then right right. Even from the point where it would be alarming. Rates and not the point at that now that we have it sleeper cells right now okay but let's say not now. And so the level where we have it that weren't. Isn't there yet said how I thought. And it automatically refill and so I think that they can't we felt an alarm go off. Point it still puts it to the three day this week. This open and flights to the point where the liquid nitrogen. Right we get the point where it and because they're very very well and so. Some high. So if it's surprising. It's not like the water that's seen more. OK so I don't think that analogy it's. Peek a therm. That water and he put it outside in your backyard and you let the sun and has beat down on permits that services and keep cool. And and warm up well this is a little different. It liquid nitrogen warms up its liquid becomes the difference and that's why this. Today. But it takes that long he for the let down in the liquid it's always cold. So it's music and some isn't submerged in the liquid. Zero. Right and we have these two different instruments are because there's monitors at the top of the lately. Way we also have here. As separate monitoring system that we have redundancy. This extras just yet to say. And so for example our staff is alerted by accident at aren't actor actor we get act's passage in the middle and I. If these temperatures are off. Where the level off the lots of different things. Hurt him right way. And Libya again and rat. If you are built an assistant Hewitt you heard it well before it caught her act. And the other thing is it's part of our assistance here you see fertility you can actually see it looking down there's lick wit these are all these are eggs and embryos and here they're perfectly say. Please understand Bergen is paved with this cover mean. But. We actually also visually attack Saturday. What are two reality staff members and so they look at that and they concede that this is OK obviously. Unit we trust our systems. But we want to triple check. I think that is actually part understands how to reach used to store our eggs and embryos and so. You can see these straws here going. The camera was closer. That this is what does he they're called teens and this is what they look like. And inside each of these instances where an aunts and music store. That's fast and easy. Way they are stored it that tip of that. One hurts me so there that's right and center once there story here aren't. This gets hot in here. And this goes down. And then this goes into this it's here that he's an Embraer and Mary Mary. Where the coldest part of it. Well it liquid that threatens us all a look at wrinkle but it's going to be absolutely even a few blocks liquid nitrogen. There. Right. Okay health and small state I is taking yet they. Thousands. And Brea. How. Is it her head and then. Closes I don't know I don't. Oh it really makes me think that. We have sent patient. Better. And all needy. There are fair. Pay act it's. It's they're that's our. Where you. Her keys at freeze for that. Pay more as part so it's quite area anything like had patient care areas as well you out of it absolutely it's that we have to that are here for treat me because cancer. Patients that are free means the there. Union they're working in the right guy patents that it is something to you preserve their ability to become and I have young couples that are ardidi actress they found mr. Hannity but they're still not me mister Finley really want. That is there. And we are he said are. And so we see. Why he's here and people so angry at them for me yours acts. You. It's her and year 28. That. Here is an act. And they would eat healthy. It. Out. An evening look like. It's each actually. Me this oh. The passes that Hank or. Andrea freezing out starts its. And it's at least where do you mean is our mean honorees. Since attic apartment there and me. Scrap. Each month woman's menstrual cycles actually had multiple eggs that are growing up close. One is actually I believe any other Anderson's group. Actually I which. I mean I went racing my. And so what do we free it's seen as an addition to your own arm it's making my one grow. We're gonna make it used synthetic form and that's and an. All of those angst that aren't there at that month. I can't take them and freeze them or you. The F he'll burn lives. Keeping to understand about that. Is that we're not make you infertile later you're perfectly patiently as you losing his. And that suspects in the nation it's hard hits it says. Seven days. To ten days. Stipulation that he should that you're taking better. So so it's expensive. Any way we are very good it hear me and seen. Accessible to people says. Are at it. It is its patents patents I think for a long time. Patients were reluctant to do sleazy way. It's. New more. And now he are more verbal. With technology. Learn more about it are talking about it he can people are some more about fertility issues. Had. Some really. Wonderful thing as when we need a lot of support. Did he. Issues. People are. War and free access streets near real easy for the future. So I think I've seen it change and the number of patients that urgently and losses he. About ten years ago I think that some patients that were trees work site. Me. You under. That's. It's used to do that treaty and we have patience and from there has. I eat there or. Act and the easy. But. When you're older and you're going through acts trees scene you're not going to any way and the chance that one hey this is in. That chance and pregnancy. It's hates it when you're younger her. You actually play more heinous the team that one could potentially. See here. Once it's their presence there at 18. And that's all you bees are. Care. I think. And terms it's an increase in understanding that the process has seen some lie in past years in terms of its Haitians seeking patients. He used that they were shot spare four. And they would feel horrible. Load for a couple of weeks and retrieval. Work and obsessed beauty it's. I. Most women can go through freezing process and take very few days work. I'm. Me packed their lives and their hats that acts as part the process. The more things that woman had an arson acts had to. But it's very seen. Me. Money women cars surprised at. How easy atlas and I read it you're taking shots here. He is. To stimulate. Its patents. Adult shots. And had Ellen once. In fact and and that most people all. I really patents after they get recycled. Clinton so bad and it's. Chased him passages. That stuck out. So much for explaining that. People yes we really why patients at the patriots aren't there isn't embryos artsy thing. You know these incidents. The last couple weeks later exceedingly rare. And we hope. Yeah and it seems there if it comes. In any icy hearts and that's that here. There. And much for joining us again every.

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{"duration":"17:34","description":"USC's Dr. Bendikson walks ABC News' Lesley Messer though the nuts and bolts of fertility refrigeration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53693218","title":"Fertility expert explains the dangers of recent fertility clinic machine malfunctions","url":"/US/video/fertility-expert-explains-dangers-recent-fertility-clinic-machine-53693218"}