Flash flooding after downpours in Oklahoma

Rivers overflow from major storms throughout the Heartland.
2:33 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Flash flooding after downpours in Oklahoma
I wanna go to Marcus Moore who then sand springs Oklahoma. Mark is if you can just tell us what the damages where you are. Why hate Kimberly we haven't been able to get up to the damage here in the Oklahoma area but in sand springs where we are where we were earlier there was just there was a lot of high water. And it had to covered had submerged homes. And and businesses and we still have not had a chance yet to get up close to see exactly how bad the damages and we've moved. To the city of jinx which is a suburb of Tulsa if you're familiar with this area. And this is the Arkansas River right now I don't know if you can hear Kimberly but there's this roaring sound but I I believe you can see that water. That the torrent of water as it rushes by an off in the distance that they. Main street bridge that is popular for people to run them and cycle. But today and in the past several days it's been a place to get a good bet his point of this very swollen. Arkansas River. That is swallowing homes and businesses in this area earlier this morning I spoke with senator. James Lang board who has been pouring the devastation here. And he said that right now they know of a thousand structures homes and businesses that are underwater and the the headline from them this morning is that they expect this to continue they expect the water to rise through the weekend. And as they have been trying to get out. Handel on the floodwater and mitigate any damage that may occur they have been releasing water out of the keystone lake which is farther up river. And we've seen incredible pictures of water. Pouring out of the keystone dam there releasing Kimberly 250. Cubic feet of water every second to try to maintain the lake level. But that also means that people who are living along the Arkansas River. Or at risk. Of experiencing flooding and so they have issued a voluntary evacuation order for people who are living along the river. Because the water Kimberly is continuing to rise and again. They expected to do so. The roof Sunday at least and has the chance for even more rain farther upstream and that will only add to the complications here and I've been speaking to residents here in the Tulsa area. And many of them at all that they have never seen this in the decades that they've been alive we're talking about. They haven't seen it since 1986. A cure but I gives you a sense of what we're seeing here is truly historic. And will have to watch and see how high this water gets. I write markets thank you so much and very sad to hear that that's going to be happening through the Honda holiday weekend the thank you we appreciate the update.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Rivers overflow from major storms throughout the Heartland. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63257918","title":"Flash flooding after downpours in Oklahoma","url":"/US/video/flash-flooding-downpours-oklahoma-63257918"}