Flooding emergency in California

The West Coast braces for more rain after getting almost 2 feet.
3:48 | 03/01/19

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Transcript for Flooding emergency in California
We're going to begin right now in California which has been inundated by about two feet of rain just this week more is on the way we want to get straight to the Bay Area. Guerneville California in fact with kgo reporter Amy holly. Field any what's it like where you are that the community just seems to be entirely underwater. Well the roads are still officially closed and not everyone is even gotten to come in yet and see the damage that this morning Cornett is seeing some people are able to sneak again and we you're just here and wants. As his business owner saw his business for the first time heat was so surprised he did not expected to flood like this. He is calling it a total loss he says he has been here for more than thirty years. He was just devastated we expect this scene to play out many more times today's people come back to Burton bill for the first time. Across this surreal sea what some believe are gonna fine at their home the force of the water testing you know destroy rain that garage door right there. There's so much debris that we have noticed as we go through town the stuff that is obviously was floating and got carried away and had traveled away from people's homes and businesses. Over there on that staircase you can see where the water level reached. You can see where in the year that the changing color in the wood there. It was there's just so much water and it was just shocking to people who say they've lived here for so long they expect flat to they've never seen anything. Like that's now officials have not officially open in the streets yet because there is still flooding. They're still debris in the streets and wanna check the integrity of street signs and lamp post but they are hoping to allow residents. Back in here today that is the goal and then they're hoping a opened back up to the public. They do you tell us at this point no injuries no deaths have been reported. But for the first time people get to start assessing the damage and also start talking about recovery plan Aaron back TO. Certainly good news to hear Jamie that there are no injuries but it's just an incredible water line that you showed us that the water came that far off and as of the seeds. To leave behind all that damage we understand this more. There isn't more rain and on my list of things in daily to check in with county officials today keep in mind telling ADM here so even gotten quite there yet but I do when I check in and see what their thoughts are with the the next round of storms can do here if they're worried if they planned. To do any. Preparations. And Cuba to get ready for it we are not expecting the kind of rain and we just saw. On site we won't see any flooding likely likely just experienced an however. No one wants to see any more rain here Millen is has about had enough as entertainment that water levels let me reports a number 1632. Feet on the Russian river. Is flood stage. The river got to 46. B.s that was Wednesday night. Just an incredible amount of water. It is receding now obviously and that is so great to see. As you see river road race here has enclosed. There's no water on and so a lot of people are wondering why they can't get back again. But the AC right over here to the side of the road there is still water and officials say they don't win their biggest concerns that people are gonna get in the water and think it's fine and then they're gonna have to end up rescuing them they have had to do several. Water rescues people who tried to drive your latter and then got stuck and they don't want to see any of that outside may have been cautious about when they would let people back in. Maybe our thanks to you Amy holly feels love our affiliate kgo out of San Francisco there in Guerneville California.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The West Coast braces for more rain after getting almost 2 feet. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61413480","title":"Flooding emergency in California ","url":"/US/video/flooding-emergency-california-61413480"}