Florida Man Reels in 500-Pound, Near-Extinct Fish

Dustin Richter's late-night fishing trip resulted in the capture of an 11-foot long sawfish.
2:02 | 05/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Man Reels in 500-Pound, Near-Extinct Fish
And midnight fishing trip off from Florida's -- beach turned up an extraordinary catch fisherman reeled in 8500 -- -- fish. Which is rare and endangered. Now fortunately because one of them recorded the moment they brought them ashore it's not just another fish -- veteran guy from -- West Palm Beach station has the story. That's like catching a fish like that as -- once in lifetime. -- richter and his buddies still can't get enough of their video. But the late night fishing trip almost didn't happen. -- and was to spend the evening playing poker instead they -- the Boynton Beach in my. After about an hour put -- lines out I got hits are about to leave. Then fight some starred -- in the real start going off they thought it was like. 45 feet and after about thirty minutes a glimpse but it wasn't for five feet. And and -- a kind -- light and we saw all the fish realize it was at its office. We were amazed because it was eleven feet long and the bill was four feet long it was just crazy find that pretty much every time I try to get a close an -- just. Which is way way too powerful thrust -- get on -- real. Eventually they got it to shore and of course took pictures and reflected on just how -- -- this endangered species is to see up close just -- -- -- started an analyst at people. See anything if you see him it's your lucky to see if you're cats and -- market. -- -- -- -- -- -- But he left behind a souvenir. Airing guy for ABC news beach Florida. They're huge -- do before we get into chaplains to share something silly yes my favorite patient about them as little boy it was a selfish well. Can't solve that China's ancient sharks and I have the soft station I was really into the salt fish -- -- the small -- Saying it but -- you're not supposed to do anything with his office -- catching because they are endangered. So those -- that you that is perfect that you Michelle did you ever making cuts through that -- I'm glad that he got away and he's OK and I have a feeling yourself officials nothing has been it was not aside the real one let's all be honorably -- -- Eleven feet long 500 pounds they're enormous. Pretty -- now that's critical story don't they just -- you know I know that the real there.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Dustin Richter's late-night fishing trip resulted in the capture of an 11-foot long sawfish.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23869404","title":"Florida Man Reels in 500-Pound, Near-Extinct Fish","url":"/US/video/florida-man-catches-rare-sawfish-23869404"}