Florida police chief urges residents to take caution ahead of storm

Atlantic Beach Police Department Chief Michelle Cook urges locals to stay off the beach ahead of expected storm surge and strong winds from Hurricane Dorian.
3:47 | 09/03/19

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Transcript for Florida police chief urges residents to take caution ahead of storm
Now we want to go further all the way up the state in Jacksonville and I want to bring in Caylee hearts on who's right there on Atlantic beach mid Atlantic beach Florida. Caylee and looks like it's about the downpour where you are. And that's all we think Emily this kind of dark in behind me so quickly we think it's a matter of minutes before. The rain is coming down here which we really have not yet experienced at this point beating Venus be found here is coming already so high up this beach. We're an access point is right here. That's not clear that I wouldn't usually becoming even at its highest tide you sit here Atlantic beach and it cheaply Michelle cook your Whitney. You were kind enough to let us hop in the car when you all got a call that they were some people in the water beaches have been closed since the night before last. And yet explain to us what we finally got here. Sir I'm unfortunately we have. Folks that are. Venturing out into the water. It's really chop its millionth safe and misses just and this is a nightmare situation for us because they're out there we can't get a man. Whenever he's become minute and you know that just makes her first responders variant easy to have people up water like his. The concern rip current. What do you what do you see when you look out there he's queens side we have rip currents are issued the waves are really choppy and it really rob. On the waterfront and and are our ocean rescue funds would have had the time trying to get out there to help anybody. If they needed help. These beaches like we said in closing they hate when last seen any yet how we see people walking their dogs kids with their feet in the water what do you your message to people in your hand right now. The messages stay out of water stay upbeat stay on the water all we need is one rogue wave worsening begin nonstop they've been swept out to the addition. You know it it's. It is a spectacle it is it seem to see he wanted to come to wanted to end sentences stand on the pavement that's one thing but please don't make trap sand. Please don't then drops the water. Do we had to walk over why these firms that Hidden Hills. Eight at first claimed it looks like. Maybe even if they end here just to keep people on the beach but it's any planes mean things are much greater purpose yeah absolutely so we've expanded into. To prevent the wave action from going up into the streets. Which ultimately protect property. Comes at a Long Beach side and the businesses that are on each side you've lived in this area your whole life. Talk me through your perspective on the storm as. He headed this way what you do experience hearing storms passed not that long ago was Matthew and then it was karma what looks familiar to you. This past. The of the rough surf through the rough seas all look familiar unfortunately because we've only taken Lansing what is in the past. People are very relaxed and here this is a catastrophic storm as we see what happened in the Bahamas. And remain a concern is people there are being very relaxed about it. You know we don't want people to panic we don't want people have anxiety but don't need to relax just one bump over. And and if they you know we're we're in the middle of severe damage and we don't want that we want people just stay inside stay in town and stay with an. It not only is the beach my husband is also hearing under mandatory evacuation. We've seen so many businesses boarded up. Are you surprised that more people haven't left the islands. I am but I think that again that is because we've had only glancing place in the past and people are hesitant about leaving them. So they'd rather stay here and ride it out which is the president of the best at this point. We all are we are lining things you so much for your time. Get weary here at lady beach just north of Jacksonville beach and this is where we'll be riding out the storm whenever Dorian make flakier Kimberly. Hey thank you so much Caylee.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Atlantic Beach Police Department Chief Michelle Cook urges locals to stay off the beach ahead of expected storm surge and strong winds from Hurricane Dorian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65361783","title":"Florida police chief urges residents to take caution ahead of storm","url":"/US/video/florida-police-chief-urges-residents-caution-ahead-storm-65361783"}