Florida state representative on Surfside building collapse

State Rep. Joseph Geller, D-Fla., discusses the search-and-rescue operations and what can be done to help in the wake of the Florida condo building’s collapse.
5:56 | 06/25/21

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Transcript for Florida state representative on Surfside building collapse
More now on the deadly Condo collapse and serve sign in Miami Florida Florida State representative Joseph Keller joins us now -- side as part of his district thank you so much for joining us tonight on what we know is just a tremendously difficult day. You're friends who live in the building and were rescued Howard today where they now. Well they're safe in their wit family. By the it was that should just a terrible trauma they heard this very loud noise breaking them up right in the middle of the night. That's the sleep they went to the front door to try to see about leaping. And they found there was five feet of hallway and then not. We tried to get downstairs in the emergency stairs. Roads were blocked by debris they got to the parking garage it was war. Or end midway up their legs they finally got to go they're meant. And be evacuated from the balcony. By fire department cherry or. Thank god Arab. I think god is writing you've represented this district for eight years can you tell us about the community anything that you know perhaps about them to type a residents who lived in this building. Yes they not know in this community for many years I was mayor admitted joining small town. For a number of years as well it's a very mixed community we have a lot of people Latin America living here. It's very close to a very prominent. The synagogue the Shula Bal harbor are a lot of orthodox Jews living here really they're just a week or more finds it's a very. Mixed community it's very open it's very friendly it's a great little else. Say you gave us a phone number to share with our viewers for the family reunification center it is just for those who need that 305. 6141819. Who should be calling that number in particular tonight. Really two kinds of people number one this is some located just a few blocks away in serves well. People who were concerned about family members Britain's. Who might have been in let building in alert looking producer information. Should certainly or. Everything years they are a lot of people warts don't. On a count that war. We can't really say they're missing at this point. We just don't know their people who lived in the building so anyone who's a resident of that building. Who was staying in that building and maybe even within the building at the time a co ops got. And went someplace that restatement state with. A lawyer friends. They checked it is well so they can beat out the war so we know if there actually miss singer were in danger maybe. Are trapped or know that they made it out okay were they weren't there. All of those people should be going this number. And we talked to an eyewitness earlier this evening who lives in a neighboring building a nearby building and she said that it was built by the same contractor. Any guidance for people tonight who are feeling. Leary concerns. About staying in their own apartments in in buildings to her of constructed by the same. Construction company. There are necessarily who built it but you where it's built forts built. We just don't really know yet what happens. Right now the focus is very much and still searching for possible survivors. Ramey gate yeah he has are owned. Only regarding search and rescue team they have dogs out they are they're very very sensitive. Listening equipment. They can hear literally somebody breathing. Or scratching. Oops that's the focus. Anybody in the neighboring buildings somebody who doesn't Il state. Because again we haven't really been able to look at or is that yet. My advice is stay someplace they're. And I played stay with friends stay with family if your concern. That's not to say that we have any specific reason to think there is any. Risk any additional building. But some people have been evacuated. Just the it is better safe than sorry I don't want to alarm anybody. Know why they always said Beers that specific threats to any neighboring building any. But if you're worried. And don't feel safe. And another Christ's. Under sedan and good to make that a clarification as well as you said the priority right now remains a search and rescue efforts those are continuing throughout the night so many people following this story. Want to help it is there something that that people can do. To help those in the community unit for the search and rescue at this particular moment. Well let me say this. In terms than the actual equipment the county. Search and rescue emergency management the state it's in the air the president. So are congress. To try to help this community so in terms of those resources I think were hurt but there are a lot of people who were displaced there are our people. We're concerned about the neighborhood so there targeted eats them find shelter for people. You're my best advice for people in the current circumstance. Is. All the red cross and ensure each of them. It may help some of these people who need to be in finding alternatives Joker you certainly know the money is getting some ordered the use where it's needed. That would be worth doing. Com. Soon enough will be looking for answers right now we're still praying for miracles. Hoping to find survivors. And then more jobs we're more. Yeah looking for the people before we're looking for those answers represented in Keller we thank you so much for your time.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"State Rep. Joseph Geller, D-Fla., discusses the search-and-rescue operations and what can be done to help in the wake of the Florida condo building’s collapse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78478560","title":"Florida state representative on Surfside building collapse","url":"/US/video/florida-state-representative-surfside-building-collapse-78478560"}