Football Coach Apologizes After Teens Suffer Burns From Punishment

Some student athletes are disputing the seriousness of the incident that resulted in blisters and burns on their hands.
2:24 | 09/10/15

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Transcript for Football Coach Apologizes After Teens Suffer Burns From Punishment
A local high school football coach is under investigation tonight for how he disciplined some players on his team. He had the players working out in the heat and the turf got so hot that a left burns on some of the players' hands. Tonight the coach is apologizing. This happen in Stratford Connecticut Eyewitness News reporter Marcus Solis joins us now with more. On how the students are responding Marcus. And Diana the school district will not say whether or not the coach has been suspended but he is not here with his team today. At practice this investigation started after a number of parents complained about injuries to their son's hands. A despite this most of the players and many of the players parents. Are still defending the approach. And you did the drug I did the drill. Zack Smith is a senior on the Stratford high school football team and disputes the seriousness of an incident. That led to injuries like this players would blisters and burns on the palms of their hands he's the kind of guy that if he knew that was gonna happen. He would have not done it. He is head coach TJ cavalier who during Monday's practice as punishment for goofing off ordered players to do a spider like crawl around the entire field but with their hands behind their backs. Over a dozen players wound up with blisters and burns caused by the red hot synthetic turf and rubberized pill. One player tweeted a picture of his hand with skin dangling and the words Stratford high morning practice outcome yummy. This parent whose child is not on the team is among those outraged that kicks and it definitely have walked up the pill called it might come and pick them up bottom line because that's unacceptable. Cavalier it was not at practice this afternoon school officials won't say why calling any potential discipline a personnel issue. The superintendent of schools acknowledges she did get complaints from the parents of two players we do. Everything we can't keep our our students safe and some times when an adult. Has them. And a judgment lapse we have to deal with that we don't want our children hurt. Still many parents side firmly with the second year coach who apologized to his team yesterday. He's a family me and it isn't feeling was extended feeling is those are those boys. He treats them with the utmost respect. And so the question remains whether or not ever there will be allowed to coach the team's next game it is against New Milford a big rivalry game. Friday night. Rely distracted market sales channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Some student athletes are disputing the seriousness of the incident that resulted in blisters and burns on their hands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33667190","title":"Football Coach Apologizes After Teens Suffer Burns From Punishment","url":"/US/video/football-coach-apologizes-teens-suffer-burns-punishment-33667190"}