Use of force case debated at tense town hall

The couple whose rough arrest over alleged shoplifting went viral confronted the Phoenix mayor during a community meeting.
2:57 | 06/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Use of force case debated at tense town hall
A man in his pregnant beyonce. At the center of that controversial video where police officers pulled out guns and threatened to shoot them in front of their own two children. The couple was able to confront the city's mayor and police chief at a community meeting last night as to take a look. Nobody should ever tried to justify what happened that day and it. There on her that's because sheets of that song. And he issues is. It hurts to see that this is what happened when someone shot live through Everett who think it's a balance building whatever. Mass murderers you walk down and I put out a. I its aging maintenance on the ground in Phoenix with Morrie Adrian. Hi Kimberly yes this was a sight of that community meeting overnight where a police. The mayor and other city leaders were on a panel that the intention was not. For those leaders to respond. In full to the members of the community who decided to get on the Mike and aired beer frustrations or dressed this case with the young couple at the center of this police controversy. But it was a listening session though the mayor did speak apologizing again for the actions that these officers from the may 27 event. A where they drew their weapons on this young couple this family after pulling them over. Well upon suspicions of shoplifting at a nearby store the chief of police addressed the crowd at least twice. Saying that this was going to take a community wide effort to establish trust and to instill real change. In the city of Phoenix we do know that. A drape my name's and I Isa harper. Were in their car when officers drew those guns on them in a parking lot at the nearby apartment complex after leaving. The Family Dollar store nearby police released surveillance video of this week which shows. That couple their four year old daughter. And police allege it shows clearly that they took items out of the store with out paying for them. Now the case the instead a lot of people getting on the microphone to discuss their grievances their frustrations with the Phoenix police department many of them citing a previous cases. And other police involved interaction that we do know this that the chief of police and the mayor have vowed to have more community discussions just like this one. A Dray mind aims. And ice are harper were present at the meeting yesterday but they left after they made their comments. About an hour into the meeting there about 2500. People here in attendance and unanimously they were in passion there's a lot of raw emotion here. A just in terms of the police and the community and the disconnect. Here in the city of Phoenix but again hopes are that they will have more community meetings. And town halls just like this when suit Kimberly. I think you aging for those updates.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The couple whose rough arrest over alleged shoplifting went viral confronted the Phoenix mayor during a community meeting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63812204","title":"Use of force case debated at tense town hall","url":"/US/video/force-case-debated-tense-town-hall-63812204"}