Forensic scientist testifies during Chauvin murder trial

McKenzie Anderson, a forensic scientist for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, says she found blood stains in the squad car after the struggle between George Floyd and arresting officers.
6:05 | 04/07/21

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Transcript for Forensic scientist testifies during Chauvin murder trial
Show your 7177. Please. When you're processing vehicle. And you see something that appears to be blood is there something you can you're trying to determine if it isn't fast plus. Yes we have may increase some some blood test that we use. Still take a small portion. And seeing everything gives Latin swap it out. And then he used a three step chemical process pond next Lawton. Fifty test is positive is liable drinking age as his native middle stated color we'll stay on. Changed. Hands. So when you are doing imagined seeing. Things that might be blood stains you tell us do that test for each of those plus. Yes for each of them bloodstains it would get its own. His own presumptive tests yes. Louisiana senator in this photograph things and 177. That strap your mentioned earlier. There are also these three white tags can you describe those villagers. Chest the fewest acres you can see Harry and his 1213. Fourteen. Those are marking locations. Potential blood stains. And I am also on those figures is little if not patient access PH positive and that means that that blood tests that I performed this positive. Enduring call how many separate stains. You collected from fast. Squad car that appeared to be. Blood and at least in this area scorecard. And I. In this particular personal design currency not under us forever love scenes and men and other areas of the scene. And another seat at the rear passenger seat at her an additional force seems. So we abandon. Going to exit 170 days. In his federal we're seeing here. In exhibit 178 you can see photographic and the center is an item parks I don't. What that PH positive so this is marking. And blasting that was positive for their presumptive blood test. This is on the rear passenger seat dash had an item number eleven bridges blown it out of the photograph is Morgan and door frame of the vehicle and that's. Was also positive for those presents. Clinton. So in this photograph exhibit 178. What we're seeing on the left side issue looking out and just watch. Medicine at the door frame are the very edge of the rear passenger seat and easy access and. We've gone and Sears and 17. Describes us from jurisprudence. These are two scenes that are on the rear passenger seat. Seven bullet Denmark's. 'cause items fourteen and fifteen and that PH positive indicating that the blood test is positive. It appears he's in the same area as we saw that strap and I answered four yes that's your misery index. And bring owners and one TD. Just trying to displace. This is an item or disease he ate items sixteen. This is on the rear passenger seat back. And that's again was an area that was positive. For the presence of blood and ten XM 181. Mrs. Photographs to see that as well. You can see too many items of Tuesday Reuters I don't intend because. An area that was positive for the presence of blood. And I and me in is also working. What I believed was possibly a bloodstain and timing didn't. Two presumptive blood tests while processing slot at this particular time due to how small stainless. And then finally isn't 182 home. Now strap has been removed and receive some other. Items here correct. Kerns is after this track was removed and this is. Just an awesome four locations on the rear passenger's seat where blood was indicated and I collected samples from digital sorry areas. So as we've seen then there where my calculations seven different. What might stains. Six which presumptively tested positive tests blood drive. Here are seven. Presumptively tested positive. For blood and one additional homes for a total of east games. Fans. And did you then well. Just describe for the jury where donors generally remembers located and squad car. They were all on the rear passenger side of the vehicle. And did you conduct further well let me ask us did you take samples of those backs of these humorous. Yes I collected a sample from each of those locations. They all are packaged up individually. Then February cents for a DNA testing. And she was DNA testing done yes they were putting up. I DNA testing samples and when you tested each of those did you found standard procedures necessary for your lab and DNA tests. Dissident. And what was the results of that assessing. From all eight of those locations that day and king day singles or male DNA profile that matches George slowing. And again this DNA profile would not be expected to occur more than once among unrelated individuals liberal population. So I was George points plus. Yes essentially.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"McKenzie Anderson, a forensic scientist for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, says she found blood stains in the squad car after the struggle between George Floyd and arresting officers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76933396","title":"Forensic scientist testifies during Chauvin murder trial","url":"/US/video/forensic-scientist-testifies-chauvin-murder-trial-76933396"}