A Forgotten America: What really happened in Tulsa

Film producer Judith Rutherford James discusses plans for an upcoming film about life in Tulsa before, during and after the 1921 massacre.
7:39 | 07/11/20

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Transcript for A Forgotten America: What really happened in Tulsa
I'm really is currently under way to tell the true story of black Wall Street in Tulsa joining us now as the film's producer. Judith James missed James thanks so much for joining us this is a bit of departure from some of your prior work which many would know like mr. Holland's opus or quiz show tell us why you felt that this was so important to tell this story of tells is Greenwood neighborhood and specifically to tell us through the eyes of those who live their prior to the Tulsa race riots. Yes Brad LIE. I think it early on produced a play in New York Colin White America should I also agree it is happening and are saying that Delany sisters on Broadway and she yes. With the intent that it would get to the most people think on television. Bo Wi shell about whether the movie is about something Lanny it's our teachers you don't judge hey I need an op. Our our. Teachers and we lob that make sure Jim Jeffords yourself. Which warns mr. Holland's opus that is always attracted Gillette trying to shape what will be shunned you. Which I do understand it very powerful. And that's why this feature. Sure don't shame about Soros for me alone the writer church from a novelist George screenwriter which shall rip section. Ability is she didn't know. And it she added that ballot and told you not got commensurate drawl. A feature film rent these people. As suppliers in the movie which isn't true movie fridge research churned out tremendous interesting things about ourselves. Prosperous time around and off Hong Kong Greenwood on Greenwood avenue which results are Carl Blackwell street so it. It it she couldn't I could engaged option arm during candidates Shenzhen the I was very. I was backing option dormant industry short bearish reasons why don't I had really done a lot. And this shall as I try every region of the country and that's right my my the Zulu. Connection gets a little what got a shocker in Manhattan at both live with a bound. But anyway. I am just doing very determined to get additional Muppets gotta tell us so much it's gonna let us move forward it is a movie. Armed particularly black kids and white change me shaky because our history. As always been told with the white shelter there when we need to stop that engine B Yonder there and always Singh assured me as obviously they weren't cuddled next to normal route to shout action I get very moved by this show. Understandably. So yeah it is so many Americans don't know about what really happened in Tulsa why are asking that these stories have been so. Ignored in the past. Church true very important reasons then governor of Oklahoma. The time decided not to let historic out. Journalists were shock trauma disseminating. And Welsh Sean Carey Janet it is. We. A there whitish in. His actions journalism. And newspaper urged and then television and radio Arnot on current. Com. Average this problem. Seeing. Black history. I don't mean it. Gracious problem Bo let's not. Each giving ourselves a major car and that is much. That a black story is not important it doesn't have much to shape to a house. This is Schmidt and why he she it is ran out on the street. And people would sit image gee should he and even white people were protest yet shine and what's very each and it is very important. We know these things but we don't honor let. And at three chip effort running jet beyond radiation isn't. Me and who would mean that vision a bar contrary which of course we have Joseph. Chester mayor. There are very very important. For us realize and go for porch or so I really think this stretch the movie has heroes in. Let's see what isn't that JD strapped shirt. Isn't this is Randy worse already did chuck is. Gone managed can't get all the time because she was don't fool. But. The owner of Greenwood was prosperous and happy. And working. Working through white people from the oil industry. And to bring in their money home this was what. Structured and another guy. Gurley who is also a real estate broker at the early times agreement should they knew bit if they brought their money home. They wouldn't support. Movie theaters. And as chime what. A school. High school. Hospital. To movie theaters. Com and I shrinkage. What this is we're gonna run at a time did it it gittins. I just ask you one Morgan we're gonna run out of time so I apologize for interrupting but he's senate earlier that you believe that the American story has been told through all white filter an and that needs to change how has it changed for you in this moment for this particular movie. Well this truly is definitely about them being black citizens of this sounds. She's fighting back and me they always check it happened I'm not may 31 and June 1 should but it should. But that you trucks and motivated. People. Isn't it sounds. Yeah and Rainwater was John starting on Saturday. And being black people there are structured. OB man and come home bets from first world war bush who had his store there and was Matt. And they weren't going to let the white or urged move in and try to take on Rivera Chad I don't. They saw film and they shot a great sold out citing them on costs. Chilly air Lang's Jiang. Which were put in the error. But will DYE. A racist. Oil Sheila prayers. Big businesses and editing and dropped. Bob is on our people quote Turk and time bonds and that's why the whole place forty to forty blocks. It was destroyed not be challenged. People Chaman intimate dinner at Chaman shields. Many people in Greenland but they burned down a home here and there but it was the air line should finish and I guys Shannon. Well we chance to win there's now let's just hope everybody got out and they did. So the town was much. Alleged tiles on. The net each morning which was due and one which is well in this invasion. Shoot any fine art and missed. I'm I'm I'm so sorry that we're gonna have to Columbus. We're just at a time but your wealth of knowledge and and we look forward to seeing what we think so much for joining us tonight.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"Film producer Judith Rutherford James discusses plans for an upcoming film about life in Tulsa before, during and after the 1921 massacre.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71725519","title":"A Forgotten America: What really happened in Tulsa","url":"/US/video/forgotten-america-happened-tulsa-71725519"}