Former Official, Wife Charged in Texas DA Slayings

Eric Williams and his wife Kim have been charged with capital murder.
4:08 | 04/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Official, Wife Charged in Texas DA Slayings
Today we're announcing the arrest and charging up to individual. What -- the moon related to these -- -- -- -- actually. Maverick role and -- imclone. Independent candidate do own multiple charges. Including capital murder with the -- and turning point three million dollars. -- -- -- Williams who live in overall -- have to -- with a two million dollar bond. My name's -- premium -- the Texas Rangers. Colonel Steve -- sends his regrets and out of would be a tragedy in west at this time. But yes -- message that law enforcement and the state of Texas -- all -- seriously upon citizens. Most especially those that result in death. The -- public officials such as a judge and prosecutors. Or law enforcement officer is an assault against all citizens of this state. Because it's an attack against the rule of law. And therefore society as a whole. From the very -- everyone involved in this criminal investigation. Has been acutely aware of the vital importance of determining the identity of those responsible for this thing. When did the Texas Department of Public Safety the divisions involved in this investigation. The -- and division. As well as Texas ranger division and elements of Texas Howard -- We're very proud of the -- that efforts of all the various law enforcement agencies. That participated in this investigation and brought it to successful point it is today. Most notably recognizing the Kaufman county sheriff's office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This investigation success is based. Upon the -- integration and coordination of the many conservative. Resources were brought to bear. Federal state and local law enforcement personnel tells -- countless hours. Running down leads interviewing people who have been gathering evidence. We applaud their professionalism the dedication and persistence. Like. You have to -- I'm special agent in charge of the live -- -- division gave Rodriguez. A president that girl remarks made by my colleagues. I'm basking in the success of there was -- possible by the hard work and dedication by -- America. Stood -- -- all personal emergencies that killed together and we're not hesitant to commit themselves necessary. To examine each and every aspect. But most of these cases. This members -- best special effects the fact that nothing. In our respective jurisdictions was more important than coming together to ensure that justice will be served. Every agency represented here today to be commended for -- -- and efforts independent of their investigation. -- -- to keep the residents of Calhoun County safe. I've sent my sincere thanks on behalf of Montebello resolution to the men and women there -- -- -- -- curses. We want to specifically recognized the primary investigators. Have the registries for the entire seven exceptional leadership. But Pat McAfee shares represented that well and antenna Joe's birds. For the -- Rangers manager at Casper. From FBI's special legends live lives. -- -- so much better referred -- members of sorrow and remembrance in -- Today where the residents of capitol. Where embarrassment -- the -- -- September progress throughout our country. Just celebrated the success of their freshmen and that justice has been delivered to -- citizens of Kaufman. And the families of Matt Cassel -- -- Cynthia McClellan.

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{"id":18990739,"title":"Former Official, Wife Charged in Texas DA Slayings","duration":"4:08","description":"Eric Williams and his wife Kim have been charged with capital murder.","url":"/US/video/former-official-and-wife-charged-in-texas-da-slayings-18990739","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}