Fort Worth police chief addresses officer charged with murder

The officer who fatally shot a woman in her own home was arrested on murder charges.
6:44 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Fort Worth police chief addresses officer charged with murder
We like to update you on the progress of the criminal investigation. First and realize that no action we take can replace the loss suffered here. I'm deeply sorry for what occurred. I've received so many contacts from our officers. Who run express how sorry they are as well. And how this is not indicative of the work they do every day. Human life is a precious thing you should not have been taken from his Jefferson. This incident has eroded the trust that we built with our community. And we must now work even harder to ensure that test is restored. Concerning the status of the criminal investigation. And approximately 6 PM yesterday hanging was arrested for the murder missed Jefferson. We obtain an arrest warrant after enough evidence and facts were analyzed and verified. A team of officers quickly affected his arrest that the office of this and his attorney. He was booked into the tank canning jail where his bond was set by the presiding magistrate. He has since posted bond. We're continuing to work closely with the Tarrant County criminal district attorney's office to ensure. This entire investigation. Is prosecuted and thorough meticulous and solid manner. To the citizens and the residents of our city. We understand your frustration and disappointment. I assume frustrating and disappointing what occurred. And the officer's actions. We never won an officer's response to a call to end in the loss of life. We have a great many officers who work extremely hard every day and they do this a great sacrifice. And with the servants are. Ask you please do not let the actions of one officers. Reflect. On the other 17100. There's absolutely no excuse for this incidence. And the person responsible will be held accountable. Miss Jefferson's family and our community will have the last word. The court to speak on her behalf. Each and every one. We strive to be better every day than we were the days before. My prayer for its Afghanistan when our community. And our department. Comes from chapter. Numbers chapter six verse is point 426. And the lord bless you and keep you. And the lord's face shine upon being graciously. Than lord lift up his countenance upon you can give you peace. Take some questions jeans yeah. You want. What faith you. Poker game where you came. As as this city manager leading to yesterday were looking at bringing in an independent third party. Good could come in and evaluate our policies our practices and are trained to ensure that we are. Above best practice standards. I cannot tell you what. What he felt he did not give a statement to our investigators. At their. The guy was found just inside the room but it makes sense that she would have been done if she felt that she is being threatened or that there's someone in the backyard. She lost. Her. Past Hayward. There was anything or Fort Worth officers and I was not made aware that there was any any type of stroke or anything like that you. I'm I don't know why. Do they were responding to low fares five day park around the war. So why do they. Yes. So they believe they were responding to an open structure call and not just a welfare check she. It. All. Isn't the only structure callers are saying well okay and then he's an yesterday and you can get pretty. I fast response find out. So the information came from the neighbors to the call takers and then while his relayed to the dispatch it. It was determined to be an open structure. I don't know OK I can't tell you specifically as a dispatcher that something was looking into the. We'll hear all the paper and it did correct with the company. What is procedure offers all over the earth is it's cool property and look at windows. For him because he's. It depends on what the officers believed at that time if they thinking the structure is open due to. Somebody breaking manner or something like that that would elicit one response if they if they think he's just somebody left their door opened that would elicited separate response. Keeping your memories. He has not been prosecuted yet he has simply been arrested they're still wrong lot of politics ahead of us to my knowledge yes. Around are. That and. So the morale. In their mouth pieces. I don't have any officers saying. This action should not have been taken against this individual this officer. I'm getting the complete opposite response chief thank you for being quick and decisive. This is gonna help heal us. The ulcers are hurting I've been out on patrol and since this occurred and it's the opposite they can come up and hugging and it's very emotional because the officers. They try hard every day to try to make this any better. And I can get yesterday to some of our officers that are out there three. We can't didn't and most week nights that that they're out there trying to build these relationships and I'd liken it to function and it's building that an ant hill and his somebody comes at a hose and washes away they just have to start from scratch and build. I think that's going to be on thank you.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"The officer who fatally shot a woman in her own home was arrested on murder charges. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66287431","title":"Fort Worth police chief addresses officer charged with murder","url":"/US/video/fort-worth-police-chief-addresses-officer-charged-murder-66287431"}