Freezing Rain and Cold Temperatures Create Wicked Winter Weather

Parts of country socked by wild weekend storm, ice blanket remains for Christmas.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Transcript for Freezing Rain and Cold Temperatures Create Wicked Winter Weather
This is a special group. -- from ABC. And as the live look at lower Manhattan where it is not snow. But rain covering the lens of this camera taking a live shot lower Manhattan you can see the Brooklyn Bridge there. It is about 58 degrees in New York City certainly unseasonably warm for this time of the year. And it is just one of the many -- usual weather patterns taking place across the country today everyone -- Dan -- in New York this ABC news digital special report wicked weather -- Bombarding good Great Lakes and New England all with -- Folks from Michigan all the way to Maine watching out for downed trees and downed power lines. And on one of the busiest travel days delays and dangers take a look at this this delta plane slid off a taxiway at Detroit's metro airport officials. Blaming black ice there -- 180 passengers on board no one was hurt -- gonna have to grab another flight but certainly. Not exactly what they plan to make it home to grandma's house. Just to the north of -- Canada the hardest hit parts of Toronto -- southern Ontario and trees falling left and right. In fact nearly a million people are still without power there because the freezing temperatures in the rain. And this is a panorama shot of the Toronto skyline half of the metropolis -- on the left and the other side. Enjoying that commodity now known as electricity. Unfortunately. A lot of folks go when the power comes right back on ABC's Matt -- are on the very latest now on this system that is moving through. -- -- -- travelers across the midwest the south in the east they're keeping a watchful eye on this foul weather and it's just coming. At the worst possible time. As you mentioned one of the busiest travel seasons of the year 95 million Americans are expected to travel through New Year's. But now they're contending with this wicked weather. He showed some video of that price that is the big problem right now in Oklahoma City. Ice was falling from the skies from Maine to Massachusetts to Michigan a lots of problems with downed power -- lots of issues there were also talking about Kentucky three people killed. An SUV when their SUV got caught in some flooding. -- you also look at other places high water in Ohio stranding residents near a retirement home. But in the mid Atlantic states and spend just a completely different story and Washington DC people treated their coats for short sleeves. And we -- show you what people across the country are dealing. Nearly 95 million Americans are expected to travel through New Year's Day but many are contending with wicked weather. In Oklahoma City fights is falling from a -- While from Maine to Michigan downed power lines could leave hundreds of thousands to celebrate Christmas in the dark. Ice heavy branches are falling on utility wires. It will be ongoing until the ice -- from the -- as far north as Canada. Truly is a catastrophic ice storm that we've had here every one of the -- thin ice in Massachusetts nearly cost this -- his life. The Golden Retriever had to be pulled to safety. High water in Ohio stranded residents of a retirement -- rescuers used rubber rafts to pull them to safety. It got up to my walked only sit at my door grabbed my. Grandmother her -- -- in Kentucky the reworked killed when an SUV trapped in floodwaters washed downstream. But for many in the mid Atlantic states winter seemed to take some time off for the holidays. In Washington DC short sleeves replace snow gear. Along much of the East Coast temperatures were in the -- only six days. In New York they hit a record 71. Which didn't deter skaters from enjoying a holiday -- But the warm spell is a quickie gift by tomorrow the Mercury -- -- -- Thirty to forty degrees in many places along the East Coast. Now problems at the airport hundreds of flights have been canceled. And Dan thousands had been delayed. Not exactly the gift everyone wanted to give this holiday Matt thank you for that appreciate it so the big question is obviously what is next so for the answer I want to bring an AccuWeather meteorologist Andrew right leaning. Some look ahead at what we should be expecting Andrew I mean it really you pick any form of whether. And it is happening right now in the country. Absolutely. Especially throughout the weekend that's exactly what we saw everything from severe thunderstorms tornadoes damaging winds and and the snow and ice. Now moving forward here still some headaches unfortunately. For holiday travelers currently three areas. I'm taking a look at we have this -- A cold front right along the eastern seaboard and we have the delays from that along the out any five -- or -- JFK down through Newark Philadelphia international reporting delays from low visibility and all the -- clouds and rain a couple of snow showers across the midwest and another system in the northwest that's going to be giving us. A white Christmas for some across the northern place. But the race as we've been talking about has been the biggest. Concern across northern new wing went -- -- -- five Portland in the bank -- some freezing rain continues this afternoon sleet freezing rain into the evening. Power lines down trees as well -- responsible roadways and that is a huge concern very dangerous out there. Rest of the northeast rain will continue to push off the I-95 quarter later it's -- -- -- clear booklets. -- that -- that we enjoyed earlier on is gone temperatures plummeting tonight into tomorrow. Now in terms of the potential for a white Christmas -- snow showers in the midwest -- shift into the interior northeast heading into Tuesday. Mainly west of the appalachians is where we'll see those snow showers accumulating media -- to -- -- some areas to. But we could see to see if you snow showers throughout Philadelphia and New York heading into Tuesday evening may -- according on the grassy services -- And not really much sticking around as we head into your Christmas Wednesday but. Again we do have a system pushing across the plains and that's going to deliver -- -- -- -- nine more travel headaches here on Tuesday through the Dakotas spreading through the Twin Cities. And that thankfully not as cold but today it is bitterly cold across the midwest. The Santa might be adding in adding a few extra generators. On of the list of people out there. Let me ask you this because I was -- Michigan is for the past couple of days -- as you like it -- essentially from Thursday until yesterday almost nonstop. We seen any kind of records by precipitation levels. A precipitation records. Yes so much we do see a lot of rain absolutely the big concern was ice across northern Michigan everything like -- to New England but. Across southern Michigan around the Detroit area -- was certainly waterlogged. And not much widespread in terms of records falling. But we did see a lot of water out there certainly and flooding a big concern records down farther to the south -- on the Ohio valley and it toward Mississippi Valley where the severe weather was occurring. Any particular areas right now -- overseeing the most significant travel delays because of us. Currently in the northeast with that frontal boundary is still seeing all that rain around the JFK through Philadelphia started to clear out skies will clear later on tonight. -- could be a lot worse certainly as we take a look across the nation as we head into your Christmas. But the several other service will still keep the snow showers across the midwest in the northern plains and that's where the travel headaches will be but. Across the northeast certainly that takes this afternoon and into parts of tomorrow as well I mean this is ready right now who obviously just started into winter but I mean this is an unseasonably warm -- it not. Oh absolutely -- -- been feeling like spring out there are some areas in the Carolinas actually reaching into the eighties. Earlier on this weekend that tell you -- -- where I would have liked to have been but. As he doesn't mention it is short lived this is a to have -- bitterly cold air mass taking shape actually temperatures that today into tonight. Well below zero. Across much of the plains and into the midwest and this is a dangerous -- factor in the wind as well and that's what's -- for the northeast. We'll see temperatures falling -- well below freezing tonight into tomorrow. -- is that we get out the board shorts and a tank tops just yet it's. Yet it's not quite yet now Andrew Bagley from -- we appreciate that time Andrea thank you -- -- thank you of course we -- the latest on delays and any forecast right here at For non -- that would -- New York with this ABC news -- special report.

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{"id":21313272,"title":"Freezing Rain and Cold Temperatures Create Wicked Winter Weather","duration":"3:00","description":"Parts of country socked by wild weekend storm, ice blanket remains for Christmas. ","url":"/US/video/freezing-rain-cold-temperatures-create-wicked-winter-weather-21313272","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}