Friends, Family Pay Their Last Respects to Joan Rivers

Memorial service for famed comedian was attended by many celebrities and featured a performance by Hugh Jackman.
3:03 | 09/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Friends, Family Pay Their Last Respects to Joan Rivers
Good afternoon I'm Cecilia Vega at ABC news headquarters in New York with a digital special report. The worlds of Hollywood fashion. Media and money converged on Manhattan's upper east side today for a star studded sendoff to America's reigning queen of comedy. ABC's Martha Gonzales is outside New York's temple Emmanuel where the memorial for -- rivers just wrapped up. -- this was an -- list -- wasn't it. It absolutely was Cecelia -- as the service ended it. -- avenue is shutdown to traffic for a little while. And that's I think Joan Rivers friends say what an absolutely the world over as much as -- hundreds of gas up from Whoopi Goldberg Alan Diane Sawyer I would Howard Stern started things off by making everybody laugh and then -- raunchy jokes just continued throughout the memorial. Just as friends say Jones would've wanted a Hugh Jackman also performed and and -- daughter Melissa and grandson Connor stepped out in tears. The NYPD pipes and drums and -- late New York, New York. -- like all the glitz and glamour that Joan Rivers would've wanted meanwhile the investigation. Into her death. -- -- -- -- as you said it's what she would have wanted thank you reporting in from every side of Manhattan Marcy Gonzales now. We want to turn to the day's other top headlines much of the nation has been gripped by wild weather this weekend take a look at this. Might -- storms left a path of destruction across the northeast. From Maryland to Maine with heavy rains flash floods damaging wind and dangerous lightning he could see it right there. Out west they are feeling the -- of now tropical storm Norbert with roadways in California washed away by raging floodwaters. And high winds are battering Arizona fueled by this. Giant dust storm over Phoenix and elsewhere we want to talk about what's happening above ground but what's happening not not what's happening above ground rather what's happening deep. Underground. Bubbling up -- off from Hawaii's -- -- a volcano is creeping closer to a world community on the big island. A red hot molten -- could reach homes by the and of the week they're still no immediate threat but residents have been told to be ready to evacuate. And it. Finally shaking things up out in space an asteroid about the size of a small house expected to -- by earth right about now. Ten times closer than our little the good news though NASA says the -- -- does not appear to pose a threat to earth. Or adding up our satellites. ABC news is monitoring these development and other developments around the clock. To get updates on these top stories -- them on the ABC news phone apps and I will have a complete wrap up later on world news tonight. I'm Cecilia Vega in New York have a good day.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Memorial service for famed comedian was attended by many celebrities and featured a performance by Hugh Jackman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"25331844","title":"Friends, Family Pay Their Last Respects to Joan Rivers","url":"/US/video/friends-family-pay-respects-joan-rivers-25331844"}