Ft. Lauderdale mayor: Virus ‘running fast and loose’ in Florida

Mayor Dean Trantalis discusses closing beaches over the holiday weekend to help stop the surge of COVID-19 cases in the state.
6:21 | 07/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ft. Lauderdale mayor: Virus ‘running fast and loose’ in Florida
For more on how cities are responding to this latest surge of cove in nineteen wanna check in with the mayor of Fort Lauderdale dean trance Alice thanks so much for joining us there. You for having me Ed just yesterday as Yunel Florida reported 101000 new corona virus cases Broward County where Fort Lauderdale is located. Accounted for more than a thousand of those so what actions are you taking your city to try and slow the virus. Well you know this virus is running fast and loose everywhere in Florida and everywhere in this country. And you hear a lot of the experts trying to explain how it's being transmitted. Not quite sure we really got a grasp of how this disease is really. Jumping from person to person. Here Fort Lauderdale we realize that the holiday weekend is a time when people do rushed to the beaches. So we were compelled to close the beach at least the sand portion to avoid the crowds that would otherwise gather. Read we allows certain restaurants remain open. But we've also made different oh decision with regard to fireworks. Usually we have fireworks people congregate in the area. So we decided San shoot fireworks from four different locations throughout the city so you never have to leave your front porch and everybody can still enjoy the holiday. So these are different times we're trying to adapt still trying to make people feel good about themselves. And fourth of July weekend and he said it's of course a popular time for Floridians and tourists to visit the beaches in and you and other leaders in Miami and Palm Beach and shut down the beaches through Tuesday. Is it likely though that closure will extend even longer. An inch also why did you decide to shut down a teachers believe restaurants and businesses open. Because the reason we leave restaurants opens because. The restaurants here they get it they have been complying with the the distance requirements with and in this stat for wearing gloves and face mask. All the protocols that are being a required by the CDC when it comes to those places of business. Everyone is complying I went to lunch today whenever local restaurants and everyone was completely covered in and some sort of coverage that that made me feel safe and comfortable knowing that I was in an era in a safe environment. So it would have been overreaching to close those businesses and again. In a weird tourist destination. We want to make people feel comfortable when they come tourist city. And everywhere he leaves here knowing that they have they had enjoyed their vacation and they left and they knew that for Laurie it was a safe place. And you've been accompanying. Officers on social distancing enforcement sweeps of businesses downtown in on the beach are you seeing a lot of noncompliance and also what consequences do establishments in people face. If they break the rules. Well I did his company are code enforcement folks a couple of Fridays ago. It was eye opening. We did have two fine and left several restaurants. But let me tell you most of them didn't comply and they are now all in compliance. And in fact it was one very very popular restaurant here. Wherein the it manager. Saw the TV cameras and all the staff you know milling around the restaurant wonder what what was gonna happen. In the ends he was found to be fully compliant he came up to me at thank me. And I said. We thank you we thank you for making this restaurant's safe for people to come to and that's what we wanna hear we want to hear more of that so we're moving forward. Compliance here is is. As they zero tolerance our city. For anyone not complying and people are facing up to 151000 dollars in fines. And closure if they don't comply. It when governor Desantis is with the vice president in Tampa Bay yesterday he was asked about the spike in cases in Florida. And his response was to blame the media for covering the protests and set of corona virus. If you can give the governor grade for his performance during the outbreak what would it be and do you think that the state perhaps. Reopen too early and that that may be reasons in part for the site. In and act on his second guessed the the intense is the governor but I will say this that South Florida. Did not going to face to South Florida us remained in phase one and yet we still have huge outbreaks. Where is that coming from how is that happening. Least we're told that the hot humid weather. Is going to dampen that beat the spread of the virus well when each is hot and humid here now and the virus is back with a vengeance so. We still struggling were still interest in knowing the path of this disease how the virus is transmitted from person to person. Following all the CDC protocols. The rest of the state is now flip back to phase one. Bars are closed. All of a loss of businesses that would otherwise be open under face to have now been shut. So we're tracking this watching the national scene. Tom it's not good that some of our leaders throughout the country. Are conducting themselves in improper ways by having rallies and things where people are not wearing masks and and and social distancing. Those those. Images are menacing to the rest of us who are trying to do the right thing so we would locally we aren't we hope hopefully will be able to arrest the spread of. It's what is say to tourists people from out of state who are hoping that they can hold on to their trip to Florida specifically to it to Fort Lauderdale but want to be safe and and as you say do the right thing. I think they can feel comfortable c'mon down where save where we we're trying to make sure that people do not. In any way. Contract this disease. We doing pretty good in certain parts of the area especially on our beach area. And you know we have I'm very comfortable safe environment. That should not be a deterrent to anyone wishing to come visit any time of year. But keep in mind we're doing our best to ensure that travelers here don't bring it with. So. We have we have asked some precautions that we follow people should be aware that he cannot going to register wish you Wear a mask he cannot go into a restaurant unless you're wearing a mask so. These protocols so if you're visiting us. Be prepared to follow these these rules. All right mayor Trent Alice thank you so much for your time is Stacy. Thank you saint you.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"Mayor Dean Trantalis discusses closing beaches over the holiday weekend to help stop the surge of COVID-19 cases in the state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71603370","title":"Ft. Lauderdale mayor: Virus ‘running fast and loose’ in Florida","url":"/US/video/ft-lauderdale-mayor-virus-running-fast-loose-florida-71603370"}