Future of space on Apollo 11 anniversary

Namira Salim, who is set to become the first Pakistani woman to travel into space, reflects on how the astronauts who went to the moon in 1969 inspired future exploration.
3:52 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for Future of space on Apollo 11 anniversary
We don't normally spend a lot of time on him by a nose but this next guest isn't it an exception because. The Mir ethylene is absolutely. Incredible. Usual are the first futures south American space to earth that's what you're widely known as. South Asian sea stories yes and you are the first the only Pakistani member and founder pastor not. Of sir Richard Branson's virgin galactic which is the world's first commercial space liner and if that isn't enough I have to say this you're the first Pakistani woman to reach the North Pole. Am just awful and he were actually believe the first Asian to skydive over Mount Everest. Hello and I can't just take a moment that process all of that yes. I just make a small corrections on so that only Pakistani to have gone to the north and cell phones. Which we is no man has yet been there. So yes that's that makes me proud and I'm glad incorrectly that that's amazing so sure we even get into all of your accomplishments I'm just curious. What did you even want to beat when you were younger because you've done everything. An astronaut Steve did when Indian masks and here you lack a home here you liars so when you think about. The Apollo eleven and the fiftieth anniversary. I feel like it means something that's a little more special to to you given your background. It is I mean you know it's beautiful that we have come to you know. I live in a space age which is our new age of space exploration which means that space is now private. It is accessible to not only you know anyone was gentle going to space from a small country coming from a developing country upcoming new. A new space nations already in emerging space nations. But you know it's except accessible to on the space thing missions and they're able to now make a clinician off you know international. Partners. And day everybody to space soap on a eleven tribute. What is happening in our neck on the events does this week is going to be very encouraging for everyone because you know it also marks you know. Beginning of this new space age their man and I'll return to the moon and not a need under analysis are to miss program do it also take the first woman to the moon. So I'm hearing an affront to implement them and celebrations and I'm really moving forward to because it's just so exciting part of the space industry I work on these you know. Initiatives on a daily basis so my nonprofits they distrust and I'm so glad to make my little contribution in this big ocean little. Conservation is it's it's that big contribution. When it like working with Richard Branson. It's beautiful view so inspirational. I was very lucky that I joined virgin galactic in 2006 when I was one of the first founder's. And you know I'm the only one out of the 600 customers signed up to go to space to have been launched personally life by him to the word press. And that's what got me to you know come and my life to the very prominently spike into six and when this happened and how do you prepare. It's it's going to happen soon within its own could be as an India has been the decision but I don't know who can never give Williams visited Dave because. It done depends on the safety of the operations and no influence in the rush to do this. Unbelievable Nina. So when we talk about the future of space you are the future of what's happening in space. I am in many ways and I'm also needing you know a special part leadership and industry which is by making space to new frontier for peace. I'm patron member of the commercial spaceflight federation of the US and I work regularly with the in the space industry colleagues to. Encourage. Privatization of space space tourism. The new space age and now the man's return to the moon and the new space age of the first woman to land on the on more on the moon. Unbelievable. Giving US slow clap by myself and others Amir Salim absolutely inspiring we appreciate you being here is an exit yet is a line.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Namira Salim, who is set to become the first Pakistani woman to travel into space, reflects on how the astronauts who went to the moon in 1969 inspired future exploration. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64369030","title":"Future of space on Apollo 11 anniversary ","url":"/US/video/future-space-apollo-11-anniversary-64369030"}