In the Game With LeBron James

NBA all-star and philanthropist "King James" on sports and the responsibility to give back.
3:00 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for In the Game With LeBron James
There have LeBron James in game. How do you get geared up for another season after the one just past. It's a feeling that that it's undescribable to -- -- -- When its -- and you won't lock on the suburbs teammates and everyone had put so much today effort. To do it. And that's part of my motivation and give it that Phillip back so stay motivated and you do both off the court and on the court. A lone bomb in a position were -- -- can be the best I can be each and every night. Organization have a team. Great coaches around me dead. Can put ourselves in position to give -- each and every year and then personally. Hold myself -- to a standard higher and anyone. So that keeps me Boston where did you know the play in Indian dream about it it's going to happen. I will -- release are mobilized thousands -- great. We played a determined and in Orlando it was a personal -- men. And we were kids kitchen northeast Ohio from Akron and we don't always establishing who lost the championship at one point. But we made a statement an internment and no one thought we could do and holes. Poke a little something going here maybe -- -- can become Maria let's just it's just know to stay focused. But talk about how it helped to -- his -- world class basketball player. But being an athlete how it helped you had -- the person that you -- day. -- arrangements. Will be an athlete and being around basketball. Help. Moments -- -- of friendship and brotherhood. That it created that the low of -- I think. When you face forcing you committed to some the commitment the responsibility. Of showing up to practice on time to be enough for your teammates. It's listen to your coaches it's a responsibility that you have when you're. Plan within the group that you have the soldier and a bargain and then. In -- needed to -- act. -- -- your role models because you know we're up there in the classroom when the kids their eyes get really big name and you know they look up to you for various reasons -- you look up. Hold my mother was definitely come on one mile lists she's everything to me no matter what I was going -- she always kind of kept outside away from. And I have no idea -- -- -- it was amazed she was sixteen when she was pregnant and -- -- -- wise so. You know as a kid you understand. When you grow up -- -- A man and woman and her own fan you look back on this day. While. -- you do have your own family knowing what your kids where. Be involved in sports they are now and it was a choice is theirs. On their own you know and obviously they come wash your dad -- they love sports but I'm will be there as a father to support. And something they want to do. The -- will be their support them -- In the expectation. And aloha and we'll look I'll bet you -- -- that -- -- Barlow -- and we ask we go on ESP NW and we -- -- FaceBook and Twitter -- questions this is from Matt and he asked if he were not a professional athlete what would you be doing right now as far as the job on foreign -- -- job. It would have to be something the community. You know. -- always -- enjoyed being around kids. This part of our job to be there for these kids. To be able to shed light -- darkness to be able to give these kids an opportunity and possibly make their dreams become a reality. And for me personally I can -- -- in the bargain. -- -- -- -- This is this is good to -- -- do you see the access fans and especially sports media get with today's players. Can either hurt helped or -- mixture -- both for the world of sports law I think it and mock case. And and the guys and -- around this help. I think social media has done a great job of of the -- -- offense to have. More of a connection with the sports figures that they love and you know because it's not realistic for us that touch every -- and we did that looks so we wish we could. But is not realistic but the -- -- you can -- -- between until your friends Richard -- and allows and feel like. They're human they're accessible. I'll I'll try to use its the best -- I can't tell them off -- -- him. I don't take you guys -- support for -- think you LeBron didn't hear much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"NBA all-star and philanthropist \"King James\" on sports and the responsibility to give back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19965901","title":"In the Game With LeBron James","url":"/US/video/game-lebron-james-19965901"}