Gay minister faces possible defrocking

Rev. David Meredith was always openly gay. It's his wedding that's a problem.
2:02 | 03/09/18

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Transcript for Gay minister faces possible defrocking
They simply refuse. To respect. Gay and lesbian united Methodist followers of Jesus reverend David Meredith is the pastor of Clinton United Methodist Church in Cincinnati but the hearing for the west Ohio conference will be heard here in Indianapolis. Myriad is married to Jim slot after know there is nothing reasonable. About the United Methodist Church charging one of its pastor's for being gay and being married. The United Methodist Church has twelve million members worldwide is the last mainline Protestant church with a prohibition on gay marriage and gay pastors being ordained. And surgery. North United Methodist Church pastor Deron Cushman woods has written a book called a dialogue and homosexuality. And church unity. All other mainline Protestant denominations. Have figured out a way to to make this work can in varying degrees. But we're the the last mainline Protestant denomination. You have such a conservative stance. But there are groups within the church standing with Meredith and the goals of the LG BT community. And can be in full membership. In full participation in all ministries. And we don't have to have this conversation. And hopefully the United Methodist Church when we get to that point we'll never call anyone else incompatible with Christian teaching again. Tech. Weekly mirrored this chairs with a violated a 2012 ruled that says. Ceremonies that celebrate homosexual unions shall not be conducted by our ministers and shall not be conducted in our churches. We are here. To grow the church. We are here to advance its mission. We are here to work for justice. We are here to beef and too good com. The kingdom of a cotton. Thank you read will be conducted tomorrow at the Hilton hotel. It will be open to the public. Get our thoughts are TV six.

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{"id":53647838,"title":"Gay minister faces possible defrocking","duration":"2:02","description":"Rev. David Meredith was always openly gay. It's his wedding that's a problem.","url":"/US/video/gay-methodist-minister-faces-discipline-possibly-defrocking-married-53647838","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}