New generation of activists fights back against hate

The rise in attacks on Asian Americans is a painful reminder of the history of racism in America.
3:44 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for New generation of activists fights back against hate
Ancient fascinating is not new and it certainly didn't just appear during this pandemic its roofs. Run deep in our country back as you seen throughout this hour it bears a new generation coming into their own. Tasked with facing a troubling legacy here's ABC's serene shock. The recent attacks against an American community. It's totally do you not it's. What we need the Asian. You need the pandemic or just the latest bin battle group and villains here. Owner chill Kong remembers when his son was the target of racism at school he's in bullying more than once. There are on the playground or school. Specifically because it is. And that's really tough east leading to Lou. At times four year old and then six and an eight but it can happen in the street different here is an concept a pretty smooth thanking someone for what they. I didn't have the words it was really hard to sands didn't know that my son is grown up at the same terrible stuff about it. A painful reminder of the gulf between mainstream America and the fastest growing minority group in the United States. I think it's happening to it Asian American. It's common eighty yes to you think there's an interest in American comedy T yes. But the perception of being other has followed Asian Americans since their arrival in North America the core of the problem has been that and he assumed. That you are not from here but you don't. Belong here. But you're a transient that you just can not and unit that it because you don't belong here that you really not an American. They 1882 Chinese exclusion act which reflected racist stereotypes of the time. It is the first and only a lot restricting all immigration by a single nationality or ethnicity. Into the US and the lot repealed in 1943 was among several anti Chinese laws passed in the United States and hate crimes like the case of Vincent chin. Beaten to death after two men who mistook him for Japanese. A group blamed the decline of the US auto industry as seen in the 1989. Documentary who killed Vincent chin go let me. I. Still only down something and go along. I don't won just. Full Vincent. I don't. Oh my time. A history of violence inflamed by prejudice and empowered by government and yeah across America demonstrations. Fierce and proud that as Asians almost a 170. Years later. Still proving that they too are American. Unfortunately all of this she has gone around is included in the fast but do not believe you belong here. And because of that site. A lot of these folks don't believe you that you belong here. That other ring. It's so easy for someone to stay where you don't want your solo GQ lateral view or. And serene joins us now from Los Angeles in Chinatown there I'm curious how people working to combat this racism. You know we've seen activism in nearly every four or you've seen neighbor standing guard to protect Asian American family homes you see people jumping in to supports protecting the elderly crowd plenty to raise money for those were injured. Edwards you select free. Sports. And social media that's. Thank you marina and we'll see a little bit later in the show.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"The rise in attacks on Asian Americans is a painful reminder of the history of racism in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76263646","title":"New generation of activists fights back against hate","url":"/US/video/generation-activists-fights-back-hate-76263646"}